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  1. Running the latest build now for my daughter without any Gapps or Google account. The battery lasts around 4 days :-)
  2. Thanks a lot! I just didn't find the time to create something bigger than the 180 mb TPT without wasing so much for the /cache. 180mb is just not enough anymore, I guess I will try your TPT in the next days.
  3. Installed Slimkat 6 on my Y300 (dirty flash from 5.9). So far everything working fine. I switched to ART now. The first reboot takes very looooooooong (can be 10m +), but ART seems to work OK.
  4. I have WLAN problems with the 5.8 SlimKat. WLAN works fine after a reboot, but after a period of deep sleep (i.e. at night), I cannot activate WLAN after I wake up my phone. All switches just don't work, only reboot helps. Anybod else having similar problems or a fix?
  5. Thanks for the effort chill360! It looks like the module is only required for VPNCilla. It is working with the Android internal VPN. To get VPNCilla to work (was working with 5.6 btw.) would be nice though. VPN connections are much easier to handle with an extra app. But don't put too much into it...
  6. I have a slight problem getting VPN connection to work using VPNCilla with the latest SlimKat 5.8 on my Y300. Here the logcat output. Maybe the module is not updated with the new kernel? I/ip6tables( 134): ip6tables v1.4.11.1: can't initialize ip6tables table `nat': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?) I/ip6tables( 134): Perhaps ip6tables or your kernel needs to be upgraded. I/ip6tables( 134): ip6tables terminated by exit(3) E/Netd ( 134): exec() res=0, status=768 for /system/bin/ip6tables -t nat -D st_nat_POSTROUTING -o tun0 -m mark --mark 61 -j MASQUERADE I will try the Android VPN, maybe that works. Anybody else having problems with 5.8 and VPN?
  7. Wanted to try this ROM on a friends Y300 but I have problems with the Xposed Framework. When I check the settings after first boot, there are updates for Xposed and the GravityBox module. Both can be downloaded but need to be deinstalled first for an update, otherwise there is an error during installation (package with different signature already exists). What I tried: - uninstall GravityBox module and Xposed from Settings -> Apps - reboot phone - reinstall Xposed framework (newest from xda) After enabling and reboot, Telephone and SMS processes constantly crash after boot. What is the correct process to update to the latest Xposed and modules? Thanks
  8. You must have a different version of the linked gapps. Just redownloaded the gapps from the first page again, GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk is missing! But the ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk is available twice, one in apps and one in priv-apps. I am just going to add the contacts sync adapter from one of the older gapps. Anyway I had a different problem on the first install of the 08.02. version. Complete wipe and format system, the setup wizard crashes on the first boot. There is no way to continue, had to revert to my cwm backup of the previous version. I flashed it twice, same result.
  9. Latest version of NAVIGON Select is running fine here, no problems at all.
  10. Has anybody tried to uses autopatcher from xda to be able to use pdroid with this rom? The newest autopatcher now supports Android 4.2.1 with openpdroid, but it fails in one of the patches (problem with GsmServiceStateTracker.smali patch during telephony-common.patch).
  11. Bluetooth works fine in the new release with my Zephyr HxM Heart Rate Monitor! My Motorola S9 A2DP Headset works OK, only the volume keys are not working and it seems to have a problem to connect in phone mode. But that's good enough. Thanks a lot!
  12. That would be really great! I cannot download from depositfiles at work, but I will test it with my Bluetooth devices this weekend and will let you know. Thanks a lot!
  13. This rom is working very well so far. The only minor problem is the missing bluetooth. Running season starts soon and then I will need a bluetooth connection to my HMX :-)
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