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  1. i can confirm this trick still works, thanks! :)
  2. then whats this all about then? http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=964222&t=1319639985&page=1#comment10469252
  3. has anyone tried this version with the "opera mobile" browser, its supposed to support flash, but it didnt work with the 10.2 version of flash.
  4. when i got mine swapped, they just wanted the main phone body (without the sd card or back of the phone or battery or simcard), and just replaced that part, nothing else. i guess it depends on what part of the phone thats broken
  5. yes the batteries are definitely not originals, the seller even confirmed this. though ive been using the charger and battery for a couple of weeks now, and find that the charger and the batteries work fine. the only caveats are that the charger seems to take a lot longer to charge the battery, than if you were to charge the phone via the standard blade charger. also the charger's tiny prongs that attach to the battery seem quite flimsy, and i dont think they will last long before breaking, but apart from that its all good. i can now charge up the 2 extra batteries and go for a long weekend, without having to worry about my phone running out of juice :)
  6. wow this is awesome, thanks for the link, have got iplayer working flawlessly in the default browser on ginger stir fry v13 with no overclocking of the cpu:)
  7. what is that beast? is it a bricked OSF/blade?
  8. quakkaz


    the games i am liking at the moment: Fun Educational Games ---------------------------------- Challenging Timestable - tests and helps you improve your multiplication skills MentalMath - teaches you helpful new maths techniques for improving your number skills and tests you on them Ear Training - tests you on what musical notes are being played, also teaches you the sound of each note Busuu languages (various languages are availlable including french german italian spanish etc, each language is a separate application) (not really a game, but the learning process does involve quiz games) the free versions of the app give you a taste of the language, and how the app works, and come with quite a few lessons in them. Arcade Games --------------------- light racer 3d basic - brilliant simulation of Trons Light Cycles, in the free version you can play against the CPU (the full version adds multi player options) light racer - a 2d topdown version of Trons light cycles, fun in its own way, and handy that you can see the whole playing area at once, which you cant in the 3d version
  9. interesting views, thanks. the one that comes with the 2 batteries has gone up in price since i first posted it, but not by too much (just over a quid), ive decided to buy one and give it a go, will report back on whether its any good or not after i get it. the batteries are not original ZTE batteries, as the guy above guessed, the seller confirmed it, though he said he can supply original batts for a few quid more.
  10. blimey just spotted another one, that also looks like a good deal, this one is £8.69, and comes with 2 batteries, it doesnt seem to offer usb charging, though it does comes with a uk wall socket adapter. anyone tried this one? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2a134206b6
  11. just spotted this, (standalone battery charger for zte blade) its very cheap (£3.38) anyone tried this model? http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_3539wt_1140 the only problem i can see is it doesnt seem to come with a uk wall socket adapter.
  12. quakkaz

    Your five most loved apps?

    in no particular order, and not actually 5, but heres some of my fave android apps for the blade (they are all free btw): timeout london - check out what events are happening nearby amazon kindle - great ebook reader, lots of free content opera mini - great web browser, speeds up browsing by using a proxy and extra compression sound hound / shazam - identify songs that are playing in local environment (shazam is only free til 2012, soundhound can even identify tunes if you sing them yourself! so in that regard its better, shazam cant do that) guardian anywhere - nice news browser, can browse/follow tags google skymap - see the names and locations of stars and planets layar - 3d augmented reality browser - very cool application pubtran - london journey planner + train/tube maps translate - translates spoken words or typed in text titanium backup - back up your apps etc
  13. quakkaz

    san francisco/blade case

    poundland have a faux leather red and black phone case made by signalex that fits the zte blade/osf they stock a 4 AAA battery portable USB charger, not bad for a pound, havent tried it, it looks pretty rubbish quality, but it might be useful in an emergency for recharging the phone when the battery dies
  14. ive still not made any progress with this, when i try and use fastboot to flash a system.img rom, i get the remote file is too large error. ive also tried copying the image to the /cache folder using adb push, in order to flash it later from fastboot, but the push fails too, with the error no room left on device. anyone got any advice or tips on how to fix this phone? also curious, does anyone know any shops in london that can perform android repairs, and roughly how much it would cost to get fixed?

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