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  1. I got my unlock code from my provider but couldn't get in to the menu (2945#*540#); it insists that there are no mobile networks available. This may be because I recently switched provider, thinking I had already locked the phone, and now I cannot access any mobile network. However, I have also rooted the phone and am running 2.3.3... I wonder if this would have any effect? I recall that the above access code was used as part of the original rooting process when the phone came packaged with 1.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes, but using LG PC Suite (downloadable from LG's website) you can just get the official version... it should update through the software with no need for you to do anything more than click a button or two.
  3. mur4rik: Swiftdroid is brilliant. Thanks for going to the effort of bringing Gingerbread to the GT540 :D I have a question though, regarding the CRT-style screen off animation seen on some other phones running Gingerbread... is it possible to do that through the framework-res.apk file in /system/framework? Any updated versions I've seen for the CM7 rom itself were far smaller in size (2.17MB or so) in comparison to the one on the phone as it stands, running v1.7 (5.22MB) so it's fair to assume that they're radically different..
  4. Thanks for the reply. Same issue on 1.7 so, sure, no harm in trying 1.8! :D Will report the results should I get round to doing it in the next few days.
  5. Hi all, Using CM7, Swiftdroid v1.5 (updating to 1.7 tonight) and I've been trying to get Ad Hoc networks working with the phone to no avail. I've trawled the various forums (here, xda developers, etc) but nothing seems to really help. (I want to run Gmote through an Ad Hoc because I don't have wifi at my current flat and Premotedroid was being an absolute bugger and wouldn't cooperate fully with bluetooth) So- I can see the Ad Hoc network, and attempt to connect to it, but it fails to resolve the IP address. I manually assigned an IP (as an Ad Hoc network has no router to allow a DHCP server to auto assign an IP) but this didn't seem to work at all. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, After upgrading to native 2.1 and then Cyanogen6 mod for 2.2, I decided to take a look at 2.3.3. I used SwiftDroidv1.5, downloaded March 10th off this thread. It flashed without any issues except for the minor fact that on its first boot, most of the menus (e.g. SIM card pin) and apps appeared to be in Russian. However after another reboot they returned to normal. THE ISSUE: I haven't been able to get WiFi or 3G to work, period. Yes, I set up the APNs manually (no issue as I am on Meteor here in Ireland and there is no username or password (http://www.meteor.ie/support/smartphone/)) but still no joy. I understand that earlier builds had issues with the radio but that v1.5 fixed that. I read somewhere that formatting System in the cmd screen would help, but to be honest without verification there is no way I'm going to do something like that, however my knowledge is painfully limited in this area.. So, apologies for the noob-ish question, but does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I could re-flash the entire rom but at this stage I've made so many tweaks I'd rather not have to if there is a simpler solution at hand. Thanks for your time guys, any help is appreciated and thanks for all the awesome work so far :( EDIT: Solved. Really stupid error, had a misspelled APN address. Sorry!
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