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  1. I have finally got my wifi issues sorted. (Vega would not connect to wifi kept looping through scanning, authenticating etc etc but never connected) For those of you suffering the same issues mine was fixed by going back to mod stock version 1. Version 2 must have been the issue.
  2. Followed you instructions to the letter but still no luck!!!! Even with no WPA it could connect to the unsecure network. Found it ok but carried on with the same loop of scanning, authenticating etc etc. Had to go back to my old fuji ROM for the time being. (Absolutely gutted) Will keep my eye on things for any other wifi issues, but if anyone else has any ideas please let me know.
  3. My signal strength is showing fine but will try this shortly and let you know how I get on. Thanks
  4. Sorry forgot to mention that in the summary......yes changed the router channel to 7 the other day but still the same issue.
  5. Hi All Unfortunately I am still here unable to connect to Wifi but now on build 6 with the same problem. It seems I am not the only person with this issue also. Quick recap.....connecting to belkin router via WPA, all other ROMs, i.e. fuji or stock connect to router fine. (I have flashed back and tested many times). Pprocess taken to 3.2 was: flashed to stock rom (NvFlash), flashed modstock rom (NvFlash), flashed 3.2 build 6 via CWM wiping everything first. Rebooted and all looks fine but won't connect to my damn router, just loops round scanning, finding ip, connecting then scanning again. Please help!!!
  6. Thanks, tried that but still not connecting! Made a mistake in my last post, connection to router is via WPA not WEP. Driving me bonkers as I really want to use the 3.2 ROM but it's useless with no wifi connection. Anyone else using a belkin router having issues or is it just me? As mentioned previously all other rom's I have no issue with Wifi, just Vegacomb and the new 3.2 ROM. Driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sorry forgot to add connects with WEP
  8. Same with all it seems. Tried with my wifi hotspots from phone and exactly the same!
  9. Thanks for the response. Tried taking out the sd card and rebooting but still no luck. It still just scans, finds the router, starts obtaining ip and then starts scanning again and continues this loop. So still can't coneect to the router! As mentioned had this issue on Vegacomb also but all other ROMs work fine. So I can flash back to any other ROM and connect to the router fine, it's just on HC I seem to have an issue. Any other ideas please let me know as not connecting to wifi means I can't use this great ROM! Cheers
  10. Not tried that yet no. Will do that shortly when I get home and post the results. Did wipe cache etc before installing 3.2 via cwm Cheers
  11. Not tried that yet no. Will do that shortly when I get home and post the results. Did wipe cache etc before installing 3.2 via cwm Cheers
  12. Just as an addition, I have tried to reflash the ROM from the beginning. I.e. back to stock rom, nvflash partition rom and then 3.2 via cwm. Still no wifi connectivity. Just continual looping and rescanning. :-(
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