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  1. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    OK not sure whether anyone else experienced this. But after applying the 1.4 to 1.5.1 patch the tab was quite sluggish (wiped cache and dalvik cache). However, now after applying 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 it is quite smooth. Also, flash videos work fine but as reported only non hd ones. I don't have to make them full screen either. Music is working fine. Overall seems quite solid and smooth. Keep up the great work!
  2. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Sorry to bore everyone with my petty problem. But I realised that my Vega had a problem as I could not flash this hc rom on it no matter what i did. I also could not get CM7 on it either. It only worked with Corvus 5 or the stock rom. So I returned it for a new one and everything's fine. So if anyone else is having any issues, you know what you need to do! Cheers, Bhargav
  3. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Extremely confused now. Last night after trying around 7 times to flash with all the options suggested kindly by members here it would not flash the hc rom. Now today I am helping a colleague put Corvus rom on his brand new vega (that he bought on my recommendation), I thought I would try the hc rom first and it worked after the first flash! The key difference between two devices was that his tablet restarted straight after the flash process, where mine hanged with nvrom text thing on screen. The other thing I had observed yesterday was that even the CM7 build did not work on my machine. Do I need to wipe it somehow (I'd done a full wipe, and dalvik cache in CWM before trying the CM7 build). Anyway, hope someone can throw some light on my problem as I'd definitely like to have HC when it finally comes out (promise to buy beer to the devs as well :unsure: )!
  4. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Thanks Wiss911. Trying that now.
  5. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Thanks Simonta. Held it for almost 15 seconds, still nothing. This was actually the 5th time I flashed it (and once put the stock 1.09 in between just to check) so I'm now giving up. Maybe my vega is not compatible (got it 2 weeks ago as replacement). Will go back to corvus 5. Just disappointed as I really wanted to see HC running! Anyway newbe5 and Corvus keep up your amazing work.
  6. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    OK, this is what I get when I try to flash this image in the command window. I then switch the device off and on. Nothing happens. C:\temp\tools>nvflash.exe --bct H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bct --setbct --bl bootl oader.bin --configfile flash.cfg --odmdata 0x000c0075 --create --go Nvflash started rcm version 0X20001 System Information: chip name: t20 chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 3 chip sku: 0x8 chip uid: 0x028040c644c0b497 macrovision: disabled hdcp: enabled sbk burned: false dk burned: false boot device: nand operating mode: 3 device config strap: 0 device config fuse: 0 sdram config strap: 0 sending file: H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bct - 4080/4080 bytes sent H5PS1G83EFR-S6C_V24_0625.bct sent successfully odm data: 0xc0075 downloading bootloader -- load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000 sending file: bootloader.bin | 941512/941512 bytes sent bootloader.bin sent successfully waiting for bootloader to initialize bootloader downloaded successfully setting device: 1 0 creating partition: BCT creating partition: PT creating partition: EBT creating partition: MSC creating partition: SOS creating partition: LNX creating partition: APP creating partition: CAC creating partition: USP creating partition: UDA Formatting partition 2 BCT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 3 PT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 4 EBT please wait.. done! Formatting partition 5 MSC please wait.. done! Formatting partition 6 SOS please wait.. done! Formatting partition 7 LNX please wait.. done! Formatting partition 8 APP please wait.. done! Formatting partition 9 CAC please wait.. done! Formatting partition 10 USP please wait.. done! Formatting partition 11 UDA please wait.. done! done! sending file: bootloader.bin | 941512/941512 bytes sent bootloader.bin sent successfully sending file: recovery.img \ 5064704/5064704 bytes sent recovery.img sent successfully sending file: boot.img / 8388608/8388608 bytes sent boot.img sent successfully sending file: system.img - 242512512/242512512 bytes sent system.img sent successfully sending file: data.img / 26193024/26193024 bytes sent data.img sent successfully
  7. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    OK, really getting a bit frustrating for me. I've flashed this image 4 times now. Each time it flashes fine (the last one to be pushed out is data.img). And then I disconnect the usb and power off the vega. When I restart it the screen just lightens but nothing happens. I've tried leaving it for about 30 mins but no luck. Am I not following something right?
  8. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Thanks mate for your quick reply. OK so now for nvflash is it the same process? i.e. back and power button? And when you say long, how long (not being funny at all, just want to know before trying nvflash)? I will let it go for 30 mins and see. Thanks, Bhargav p.s. OK, got it back in nvflash and now trying to push your HC rom again. fingers crossed!
  9. bhargav27

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    OK guys, great work! But without any intention to spoil the party, I think I've screwed up trying to install this. I followed the NV flash instructions and it flashed it ok. Message said transferred the system.img successfully (sort of). But now it won't boot up. And the worst part is I can't get it back to recovery mode by pressing the back and power button. What are my options now guys? Is it bricked or can it be recovered somehow. Help appreciated. Thanks, Bhargav
  10. bhargav27

    back to original for return?

    I returned mine with corvus rom w/o any problems (so have other), but i guess to be on safe side you should wipe it to factory settings.
  11. bhargav27

    My experience with replacement

    OK, I just managed the get a replacement for a pre-flash Vega to the newer version. Basically I had the usual issues with screen being unreliable (too much or too little response), and frequent crashes etc. Although it was running relatively smooth with the Corvus rom I thought I would still get it changed. The interesting part was that I'd bought the tablet at Dixon's airport shop at M'cr for around £209 with the protection plan. When I took the vega back last week to the local PC world/Currys in Crewe, I was told I should better call Dixon as I could not replicate the problems there. I finally called them today and the guy on the phone checked his system and told me that this is a known problem with the older model. I was then told to go back to the store and tell them it is a code 5 and they will replace it after inspection. I went back to the store and the same person was there who now agreed to replace it after I told him it was code 5. He even said I could go for any other tablet (galaxy tab, ipad old model etc) but I said I want the vega only. However, upon trying, his system advised him to call the helpline to check as it was not showing as a straight swap/code 5 item. Anyways upon calling the phoneline he was told contrary to what I was told that this is repairable and as I was over 28 days it wouldn't be a straight swap. Here, the Curry's guy actually said that I went there last week so technically I was within 28 days period and so he was told to go for manager's discretion. Anyway, the manager agreed and he said he would do it. Now the sweet part is that as I'd bought it from the airport at a discounted rate, I thought they might ask for a difference of £20. Instead, during the returns process, he actually gave me a refund for £20 as when I bought the non-discounted price was £250. I couldn't believe it! So not only I got the new Vega I also got £20 back. So anyway, this was probably one of the best customer service experience I had for a long time! :) ok now to getting the corvus back on the new vega! cheers, bhargav
  12. bhargav27

    Took broken vega back to Currys

    Need some advice on returning the Vega. No major issues but the routine ones with the screen being unresponsive at times, multiple keystrokes etc. The question is did you guys reset it to stock Rom or went with Paul's r8? I have the r8 with adw and a custom theme etc. Thanks.
  13. bhargav27

    Battery life in standby

    Don't know why but my Vega stays warm even in idle. Also the battery use is quite erratic as I noticed it went from 69 to 33 in about 3 hours on standby. Any ideas?
  14. bhargav27

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    Actually realized that it was because I had disabled the phone apks to save battery. Anyhow no luck with the dongle though.
  15. bhargav27

    I almost bought one today....

    Actually, the guy didn't have the Vega case. He gave me one of those sleeves that was priced at £ 23 for free (pretty overpriced I know). But I went for the even more overpriced crumpler one and paid 7 quid extra. To be honest I think I threw my money away but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to think so anyway. BTW I paid 209 for Vega.

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