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  1. http://videonovosti.info/media/black_updat...2011.signed.zip
  2. i think he mean,call-end then display is off.
  3. Arent my work -)I sold my phone :)Much of this work makes by SergioPoverony
  4. so much of bugs was fixed,radio has started :mellow: when it complite of test and uploading,will give link there.
  5. sure,u can put this file before flash.
  6. yes,it fix all gfx bug of mp3 player Use Android Commander for that,them replace music.apk like system/app and reboot phone
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?6d8d1jxeczchzc9 Release of rexchun,Keys work
  8. What u wanted http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stab...mp;device=blade
  9. ricky,If need can upload it -)
  10. Or http://nrc-team.com/files/X850_2.2_RC1.5.zip But has changed,deleted some apk's.

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