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  1. timbo007up

    Incredible S is ROOOOOTED!

    Its a semi fake. Its just a rooted rom, but only works with shipped s-off devices, and many devices in china/india are this way. So no way to s-off trough software yet. Short simple clear: No
  2. timbo007up

    Is the Incredible S rooted yet?

    Hi there, Paul i heard that u also got an IS! willing to join the team? Currently scotty (from xda) is doing a lot of work, so hopefully we will be trough soon, but every help is welcome. So that was also the update about the rooting of the IS Greets Timbo007up
  3. timbo007up

    Is the Incredible S rooted yet?

    Tried alot but nothing worked so far, Shell root trough psneuter was easy. Currently stuck @ the NAND-lock. did a (quick) try with a gold-card, but doesn't worked then. Will try again soon when i have more time and more rested XD But since im a total Android newbie (system wise) im a little stuck. Know my way in linux pretty good, but its not the same... :( Hopefully some one like you Paul, is willing to help to take this little phone down and get all the rights we want. Pm me where i can get a little more support (like IRC or some ways to try) to get this done. Will make a report of what i tried and what happend with every method soon, so we wont try the same thing all over again. Greetings Timbo007up

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