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  1. Hi All, Not to fear, I've managed to solve this in a unique manner, all working fine now... Thanks for LOOKING... ;) Cheers, Lister
  2. Hi "anyone" who may still use a Hudl.... Have any of you, who have flashed the latest STOCK (Tesco's own firmware) then did the 1.3.1 update, then rooted it.... Has ANYONE then tried to flash CWM recovery afterwards? Does it still work??? As Ive tried for ages, and got nowt... I'm about to wipe all previous configuration and setup tweaks as to how mum preffered the Tablet, in order to try get this to work again.... Before the 1.3.1 update... Cheers, Lister
  3. (( Please keep this thread, and delete all other duplicates )) For some reason the boards froze, and was displaying as though nothing was posting... when it actually had posted the previous one(s). So please delete all duplicates, and keep this one... Thanks
  4. Hi All, I doubt anyone visits or looks at this forum anymore? If those of you who are still around, and remember the old days.... Is it possible using the last (AND ONLY) update that came from Tesco, to update the Hudl (1st gen) to firmware 1.3.1 STOCK, and then flash ClockWorkMod to it...?? I've been trying for days/weeks now, with no success... Has anyone here managed to flash ONLY the CWM recovery image to their Hudl on the last official stock firmware? I'm begining to wonder if Tesco (or the original OEM) has blocked access to flashing this in that firmware. Biggest issue is getting the Tablet to work in Windows... The driver will not install, or recognise as either ADB or Fastboot... I've tried: Windows XP x86 Windows 7 x64 Windows 10 x64 and not sure if it was Hudl, or dads Tablet (Lenovo) as to whether tried it in Linux x64 too... Tried using RKFlashtools & Fastboot.... Any idea's guys...?? The Tablet is already rooted, and has USB Debugging enabled. Cheers, Lister
  5. Hi All, Bit of a long shot, as I guess no one is using their Hudl 1 (original) Tablets anymore?? I cannot seem to CWM it anymore??? I had to restore it a couple of months ago, as my mum complained it was running too slow. So I wiped it, then tried to do the Tesco 1.3.1 update, that I've put off for ages, due to the loop. Anyway, needless to say, it didnt go to well again. So I completely factory restored it, so it was running PURE Tesco firmware, and then applied the 1.3.1 update. I then tried to flash CWM to it, and had no luck... So gave up again!!! Went to install some software that requires a custom recovery, which I forgot this didnt have so tried again... and still failing.... I'm not a complete noob, as I've been dealing with Android for many a years now, modded the ZTE Blade, many Samsung phones and Tablets, Sony, HP and so on... and all work fine. I've tried to install the Rockchip drive, which says its installed fine (but still has a GREY question mark next to it.... not a yellow one!!) However, flashtools fails with the below error rkflashtool w 0x00010000 0x00010000 < recovery.img rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v6.0 rkflashtool: fatal: cannot open device I've also installed ADB and setup fastboot, but that keeps saying <waiting for device> also!! Tried to use Chainfire's new "FlashFire" util, to see if that could write the Recovery partition, but even that complains it can't run due to lack of root, even though its fully rooted, and have a couple of rooted Apps working fine on it... Help, really need to get CWM on it, so I can then forget about it... and know its all upto date... Im running Windows 7, x64 Many thanks, Lister
  6. Hi @flurry You sir, are a gent.... Thank you so much, very kind of you, and much appreciated.... :) May I trouble you for a little help please... I'm having trouble trying to flash this in Windows, using RKTools 1.7, and read somewhere in this forums, that the restore was meant to be done in Linux. I don't have a Linux box that I can access easily, and so was wondering is there a way to do this in Windows...?? Or, could I just flash the latest 1.3.1 STOCK rom, and providing I can find a working link to CWM, I can flash this to the Hudl instead?? I basically need to restore the Hudl, and preferbally... Get get Update 1.3.1 on it, and with CWM and root.... The root I should be able to manage, its just finding and getting 1.3.1 on it... I'd prefer to use the file you supplied, as this has it all in it... However it's loads of IMG files, and the main System IMG doesnt seem to want to flash.... Any help gratefully received... :) Thanks, Lister
  7. Hi @CaptainMidnight Sorry to bother you, but if you do have this file lay about some where.... Would be very useful as got my ole ma nagging me to restore her Tablet, and this would make it a damn sight easier.... Many thanks, Lister
  8. Hi @CaptainMidnight Apologies, I've been putting off trying to reset my mums Hudl... (ie: slowly, slowly, catch a monkey) and been doing backups of the Apps (with Data) as for the life of me, I won't be able to remember the passwords I setup for her when I first set the Tablet up... / although can remember most to be fair. But yeah, hopefully in next couple of weeks I'd like to have another stab at restoring the Tablet.... So yes, if you have the file mentioned above, that would be most appreciated please.... :) / save me a lot of hassle... :D Thanks, Lister
  9. @sirius-c / Anyone have this rom sitting on their Hard Drive anywhere...... Please???? :) (ROOTED & CWMR)_Hudl_Stock_Backup_v1.3.1_(JDQ39.20140424.153851).rar Thank you, Lister
  10. Hi @sirius-c I don't suppose you still have the above file lurking about do you...?? Your DropBox link appears to have died, as has my mums Tablet and need to restore the Tablet with your awesome Stock 1.3.1 CWM firmware.... :) Or, if anyone can guide me to the CWM Recovery for the Hudl, then I can stock, update to patch 1.3.1, then Root and CWM it... Thanks, Lister
  11. Hi @TheCactusman, It's not that hard to install....?? Sure, I had a couple of issues when I first tried to install it, but I believe my problems were due to not having the correct size system partition.... Once re-partitioned it to how it was requested, and not what I preferred (as in previous other roms), all seems to be ok since... Take it you have the correct partition and recovery installed first....? As in the original post?
  12. Hi dandreye, This is just a brief answer, as currently at work... But what other Recovery modes do you really need? Don't you only need the main one for flashing Roms or Recoveries...?? Which if you already have a Eco build of CM7, means you have CWM on ya phone already.... and not left in stock mode. Which is a blessing for starters. I think it's best for you, to update your recovery as it seems OLD being on CM7. Look to upgrade your Recovery, by using the latest that comes with KitKat (by ZeeLog). Then that way you can flash all Roms, beit CM7 based, or CM11.... To get into Recovery, reboot phone and just hold the Volume Down button on reboot until you've entered Recovery. Thanks, Lister
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