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  1. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you answer more clearly?
  2. hi rexchun Why you dont use public reps like https://github.com/CyanogenMod/ ? It is very convenient, and many people might find and look at your pathes. What do you think? I think some/many peoples can and want to help you, but now we see only results of you work.
  3. Hi ricky! As far as I know for a device Huawei U8110 have firmware with working wifi. This is working link http://www.4shared.com/dir/Kzx5DSsg/CM62.html ls /system/wifi ar6000.ko athwlan.bin.z77 data.patch.hw2_0.bin.ar6002 iwconfig artagent caldata.bin.ar6002 data.patch.hw2_0.bin.ar6102 iwlist athtcmd_ram.bin caldata.bin.ar6102 device.bin udp_server This device uses the same wifi card as well as zte racer. May be we can take this files to use in your 2.2 rom? PS smg22rus успокойся, возьми себя в руки и завязывай с матюгами. они тебя все равно не поймут. а 2.2 рабочая все равно будет.
  4. So, before i go sleep lets check what we have. 1. We have mailing list of ZTE personal http://www.freelists.org/archive/ztebladeopensource/ 2. After reading this list we have GIT of REAL kernel source of ZTE https://github.com/jvaughan/san-francisco-kernel https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ap...;hl=en_GB#gid=0 3. We have some ideas how to fix some issues so, lets try... i think i will get wpa_supplicant binary of Huawei U8100 see ia
  5. i think i got the idia how to fix wifi, check this out: http://www.freelists.org/post/ztebladeopensource/FW-Wifi
  6. Check this out: http://www.freelists.org/post/ztebladeopen...chscreen-driver
  7. I think I have a search result. Check this out: http://www.freelists.org/post/ztebladeopen...urce-New-Source i get uname -a in my ZTE racer and i got I think jiweijun is a nick name of man who compile the kernel, and then i check in http://www.freelists.org/post/ztebladeopen...urce-New-Source so i mail this man,Jiweijun about where can we get driver for wifi. see whats get
  8. If so, then why try to compile a kernel? As already mentioned, the Blade kernel is also not suitable because of the different screen resolutions. If you have never compiled a kernel, then I do not understand what you want done. Try, and suddenly start working? I not sure. So, what we have: - kernel from ZTE dont work (camera bug) - kernel from ZTE Blade dont work (screen res) Let's define a list of possible solutions and will try them
  9. Do I understand correctly that if I take the source code ZTE RACER series-Eclair kernel (2.6.29) and compile it, then make a Android firmware 2.1 for the Racer based on this kernel, I still will not work the camera and wifi? Another words camera and wifi did not work even in 2.6.29 kernel?
  10. Hi folks! Read with interest your discussion on porting Android 2.2. There were a few issues. Yesterday I compared the two source code 1. ZTE RACER series-Eclair kernel (2.6.29) source code 2. ZTE BLADE series-Eclair kernel (2.6.29) source code Both are identical. Then do not quite understand why we can not simply take the code for Froe? Perhaps the problem is not just the drivers. PS I have good news! Russian operator MTS is already testing versions of Android 2.2. for ZTE Racer. Apparently working version of firmware is expected to be available in April or May this year.
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