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  1. My Racer broke :( No more posts from me here guys, my warranty had expired, so I've now gone for a Samsung Galaxy Ace, good luck with Cyanogenmod and other hacks in the future! All the best, Rob.
  2. I get a message saying 'The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.'
  3. #203 WITH SWAP link is down.. I don't fully understand which version is better for the Racer, which would be faster? I don't have very many apps on my phone, and most are stored on the memory card.
  4. This ROM is being updated fast!! I would be very interested to see a change log.
  5. Yeah I agree the keyboard is a bit off, however, until that's fixed I'm making use of Smart Keyboard Pro which has it's own keyboard calibration tool, that's solved the problem for me :P But in all seriousness the battery life on this ROM is simply phenomenal, this is by far the best ROM to date, even the little issues it has.
  6. Get well soon, you've done an absolutely amazing job here for so many people already and I hope that you'll be back in no time to carry on your work ^_^ Rob.
  7. I'm curious to see how other people here have customised their handsets... So this is what I have done with mine, as you can see, there is a bit of a theme haha :) I USED: - TigTex's 2.3.4 ROM - WidgetLocker - Launcher7 - Minimalistic Text - UberMusic (with Metro UberMusic Skin)
  8. Get the latest Android market.. 3 point something haha.. with the apk available here: http://mobileplanet-waryam.blogspot.com/2011/07/android-market-v3026-3026-apk-app.html
  9. You could always download an alternative keyboard, I'd recommend Smart Keyboard Pro. Also, long press functions don't work on my home screen.. For example I cannot long press widgets to move them, or long press empty space to open the menu ;)
  10. Thanks for your work and keeping us posted! Really appreciate it :D
  11. Sorry this might be a newb question, I'm unsure. But is there a way to increase the vibration intensity on the soft keys? It seems a little weak for me at the moment...
  12. I'm unsure as to what you mean by 'black market'.. If you are referring to App lanet [sorry for that space.. That word is filtered! And for good reason.] then the servers are currently down and it is not in fact a bug with CM7. You can check the server status on their website.
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