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  1. I hate to ask again, but can you confirm you have in fact unlocked your bootloader?? Did you go to the Moto site and do this?? I ask cos I see no reference from you in the thread saying you have.... sorry if you already have.
  2. Sorry to hear.....you have an unlocked bootloader?? Sounds like you have, as flashing recovery, etc If you have, there are many guides here or on XDA, showing how to flash the latest Moto KitKat ROMs,whether US or UK or EU. Also,then flashing latest CWM which works on KK, and rooting with SuperSU zip in recovery..... If you can get into BL, you can do almost anything. To enter Bootloader, power off Moto, then hold vol down and power together, then release power....you should get BL GUI.... Remember, when in BL, vol down key scrolls up/down menu, vol up key selects/activates the option, (like recovery)........ do not select with power key!!!! (It's not what you would expect intuitively, but that's how it is). If not unlocked, you can unlock, there is also a guide here....I think it's a "sticky" at the top of page. Main thing is don't panic, make sure you have Moto drivers (incl adb) and you have Moto fastboot, sometimes called mfastboot.... All these are available to download to your PC/Laptop, for Windows......not sure regarding Linux or Apple.
  3. They need stickmount, or another OTG enabler, no support in 4.4 out of the box..... But the Carrier Text Label on the notification does not exist in the US KK ROM.... see my pic...only in the lock screen bottom is carrier shown.
  4. Why indeed...... http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB
  5. So how do you think that could happen, the bolded bit above?? What kinda connector, with a mini USB on one end, would one use?? I process to not knowing, but am prepared to be educated and informed. I believe 5V is pretty standard for microelectronic devices, and current regulation is built into the device, generally. Any charger for mobile devices will be rated 5V. That's why USB ports are rated 5V +/- 0.25V. The current/amperage is the difference.... and the load [device resistance].... something showing 5V+ when measured will not have that voltage when a load is connected. I think what flibblesan said, you misread, perhaps not misunderstood, but maybe both.
  6. Had this happen to me also..... My XDA post here..... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49059579&postcount=66 Weird, all OK since, but lost faith in device...... say I was doing something like unlocking BL, or flashing ROM???
  7. There is an option in settings, under Clean Up, to switch superuser app.....not sure what it does, but apparently it prepares your system for install of a different Superuser app.....why do you need to change??
  8. Is it SIM unlocked now?? Nothing should change that status if already SIM/Network unlocked.
  9. Anyone know about Miracast, does it work on KK?? Also, the new Kernel, can it be flashed with 4.3 BL??
  10. What?? 28 days is really just a cooling off period....Tesco should not even mention faults in the same sentence!!! http://www.tescomobile.com/about-us/mobile-phone-returns-policy In fact, the most important statement on that Tesco page is: These are considerable, and are in addition to any Retailer or Manufacturer's Warranty.
  11. Thanks for this guide flibblesan.... I'm away with my son and grandkids for a few days, but definitely will do this when I get back to lap(top)land!! BTW, has it been confirmed that Miracast is available and working?? I used the hack [ tillaz] to see it in 4.3, but it does not work, at least not with my LG Smart TV.... Also, can the new Kernel be flashed on the 4.3 BL??
  12. Oh ohh.... aren't there eBay T's & C's?? But, if it works, does anyone care??
  13. I can't understand why anyone would need to do this, the flashable zip solution, or indeed uploading apk's to dropbox.... Simply move or copy the downloaded apk to / .....your internal memory root, with a root explorer, and flash from there...you can delete the apk after installation. I have not found any apk which refuses to install in that location, even though they give the parsing error in the downloaded location, on /mnt/sdcard wherever the apk is by default when downloaded.
  14. Do you really think this is a good solution for the OP, who has a device which has an obvious manufacturing fault, which could not have been caused by an unlocked bootloader, by any stretch of the imagination..... He lives in the UK, where there is hugely effective consumer protection legislation, via Trading Standards and EU Directives...... which can be relied upon to ensure nobody has to resort to what you are advocating, particularly a 17 year old chap. I am not comfortable with advice which advocates illegality, when there exists perfectly good, legal remedies to achieve the same result. There would be no court actions here, either by the retailer [Tesco, I think??] or the manufacturer, believe me, for something which is such an obvious manufacturing fault. It may be an old fashioned point of view, but I would be surprised if people would not prefer to go about this in a legally effective fashion, rather than relying on a fraudulent method which is simply unnecessary, given the circumstances.
  15. To be honest, I would return that for exchange. It does not seem to be fit for purpose or of merchantable quality. Having to wrap tape around a cable to allow the device to charge would be unacceptable to me, particularly in the long term.
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