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  1. thnx my friend for the information
  2. i sent the b7610 to the shop that i bought it and they said to me that is 120 euro to fix the internal screen....anyone know a place to order online gor low cost a screen for my mobile????
  3. hi daskalos and other users of modaco.....i am a new user of custom rom for omnia pro and i am using daskalos roms for 3 months now adn i know only the basic.but this rom i the only one i decide to have on my phone until there is like this in better version....but i can understand when a rom is newr from the other one so if you can explain me or give me links of guides to learn more about choosing the best rom to siut for me it would be nice.... i am thanking you daskalos and others that help you make this awsomes roms and for you hard work
  4. i have follow your guide and i find a problem when loading with file explorer the jar or jad file.....(i dont know who is the jar and jad but i try to run both of them) but when the jar or jad is loading and trying to install it say error can you please help me with the part : you will get a text message from blizz with a link after you enter the 4 digit pin. mine was http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/ws_u...15x15_1_0_0.jad (in place for the eight X's will be a unique key). enable the profile we created earlier in firefox and go to this link save the file go to the link again except this time change it to .jar at the end (from .jad)
  5. i have follow this video and i did evrything shows but i am staing here [setup] Windows XP [setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB) OnDeviceChange \\?\USB#VID_04E8&PID_6619#5&476fb6f&0&3#{25dbce51-6c8f-4a72-8a6d-b54c2b4fc835} on octans mini and also on Downloader is my first time i try to flash a rom and i need help.....also any idea how i can prevent my B7610 when i want to connect to internet or messager to use Gprs even when i am connected with wifi???
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