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  1. Arigato

    Scratch ?

    where are you from? i think in every bigger electronic shop or department store you'll find a display repair! in switzerland e.g. it's interdiscount
  2. Arigato

    Scratch ?

    Hello, I had the same problem. But theres an easy way to resolve! Use "displex" or a similar screen repair. I don't know whether you have it in UK, but in Switzerland we have it! It works, but when you scratch with a stone ten times over the screen I guess you're a fool! :D) Then it won't work! that is one way to solve your problem! byebye...
  3. Arigato

    Ogg Vorbis files on SPV?

    oh...that's bad! always this certification...but it serves as security in some ways! thanx anyway
  4. I read recently about a new sound file: Ogg Vorbis! Everywhere I saw articles about it, they extolled ogg! It should be even better and smaller than MP3, what would be really favourable. My question is, whether SPV is capable to play this file! I mean WMP! Is it abel? Thanx, byebye
  5. Arigato

    backlight off when keypad locked

    it was fixed with the update in switzerland! it realy helps to care about the poor battery!
  6. midi0 what the hell is that? I've never heard of it! of course it sounds s*** but i thought that midi, the better one will be able to play on spv.
  7. Is it possible to save wma or wav files on the storage card and use them as ring tones? And what's about midi files! I wonder how spv plays the midi files containing on the memorie, but if I add a new one there is just a terrible tone.
  8. Has anyone made experience with Speedway Jam? Where can I download it and is it worth playing?
  9. I was in the Orange shop in Lucerne yesterday and the staff told me, that the update won't fix many bugs. I noticed that the backlight doesn't turn on if you press any button. But before, while having you spv in the pocket, the light turned on, sometimes.
  10. Is it possible to do download a reset for spv? today I was in a Orange Shop and one told me that I can find this file somewhere. But where? Thanx! bye
  11. Arigato

    How to save games on SD?

    if i doubleclick the file on pc it opens, then i have to agree the licence and then there is following error: There is not enough space on the mobile device. i never have the chance to choose the sd-card!! or does it depend on the game?
  12. Is it possible to save a game on the SD-card, because there is always an error about little space on the cell phon! How can i install a game on the SD-card? thanx...bye... Nico
  13. no sorry! i was wrong! wav files work! what about wma, midi or mp3?
  14. Is it possible to use a wma or a midi file as a ring tone? I tried already mp3 an it worked! but what's up with wma and midi? please help me thanx! Nico

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