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  1. Step4n

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    Why is on all custom roms reverted magnetomer in all apps (North to South and E to W)? How can i change it? Thanks for reply
  2. Step4n

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    Could please somebody explain this to me? after wipe (power&vol+vol-) and instalation of this bin.. internal 83MB used, 102 MB free RAM 122MB used, 213 MB free Is that correct? 327MB of internal memory is used for backup ROM?? &what use 177MB of RAM?
  3. HTC give up development of official 2.3 update for desire.. www.facebook.com/notes/htc-uk/desire-and-gingerbread-update/225607660802056 So i hope that 2.3.4 for Acer will be not the last attempt..
  4. Step4n

    ACER Liquid Metal and Sygic Aura

    aura works great on leaked 2.3.3 :mellow: , but navigon does not :o

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