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  1. Tizen is getting a lot more news and SDK's are available https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/tizen-sdk Does anyone know what the memory / hardware requirements are?
  2. This Youtube video shows the new Tablet OS coming this Thursday. Has anyone got any info on it's hardware requirements and if it is possible to port to the Vega?
  3. I have used all the roms up to Vegabean 8 and including ICS and have gone back to the R8 on this site as it is the most stable and fast. It would be nice to have Android 4.2 but unfortunately the Vega was not physically designed to use it so all the new roms use compression and work arounds to implement it where as the R8 is built for the hardware. Link to r8 http://www.modaco.com/topic/331467-09feb-r8-modaco-custom-rom-for-the-advent-vega-with-online-kitchen/ Latest JellyBean Android 4.1 http://www.tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/5294-%5Brom%5D-jellybean-advent-vega-pov-mobii-tegra-other-p10an01-clones.html
  4. "Resetting your Advent will not erase any data from your device." Manual page 22 A good page on wiping any Android tablet; http://www.cio.com/a...actory_Settings Best wishes
  5. Hello There are a few options though the R8 you have on at the moment is probably the most stable. I have tried Corvus5, Honey Ice(3.2), Gambaro and Cyanogen 7 and still revert back to the Modaco R8 build for stability. regards Aff
  6. Mountech anti-static screen cleaning fluid is brilliant - and it cleans my lcd tv and monitors. Amazon link
  7. Bought last night for Vega running mod 1.10 V2 - a few FC's at first though once set up is awesome.
  8. Mango would be good as it is designed for a touch screen - but would not install the other microsoft os's
  9. Thank you for posting vegatools 4.0 - much appreciated.
  10. I was hoping that Zebwen could use the tegra code as there was going to be no further official development of the Vega's tegra chipset.
  11. nVidia have now released a set of video drivers enabling MeeGo ports to run unhindered on the numerous Tegra 2 tablets out there such as the Advent Vega, Adam, Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom and also the new range of Tegra 2 handsets just being released like the LG Optimus 2x. This is no longer an exclusively Android area but somewhere we see MeeGo dominating in the coming months / years. Why Dominate ? MeeGo is an Open Source Operating System with many keen developers eager to develop for hardware that may be unsupported by Google Android in the near future. Full Article Link; Read More
  12. According to TabletRoms the Iconia is getting Android 3.2 http://tabletroms.co...-tablet-owners/
  13. Hi I installed CWM using vegatools onto the stock 1.10 no problem
  14. Hello I have installed several roms and have found the Gambaro rom the most stable. The NV version will install from a PC Download Page From the Author; Changed to CorvusKernel 0.1 Added reboot option to power menu Added file manager Would like to use one of these overclock kernels, but I get different issues with them when applying to a stock ROM. So for now I have to stick to the CorvusKernel 0.1 Rom Updated 24th April 2011
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