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  1. daily builds are comming out for the ubuntu touch http://sergiusens.github.com/ lets hope it becames more usable than already its
  2. You're talking about hotspot tethering or usb tethering? USB tethering works for me using the tethering from rom.
  3. This is not a nice work, this is an amazing work thank you dazzozo :P
  4. This is only the shendu os without the chinese apps. In Portuguese chinese text still apears. Regards
  5. There are people complaning that barcode doesnt work. At least for me its working.
  6. Till now 3 days of use and the notification bar didnt froze. My battery life its OK but could be better.
  7. You have to do the ota updates, and then follow the tut to unlock bootloader, install cwm, and update to cm 10.
  8. Turn overlay on, i dont have a freeze for 3 days, just turned it on as said in the topic.
  9. Solved, restored imei and went to normal.
  10. After flashing a rom, my splash screen went mad and now appears 2 bars and 1 background color. I tried to restore a backup but its stays the same, tried to flash again cm10 and the splash screen apears again. Anyone nows how to solve? Already tried to flash a new splash screen but nothing.
  11. Belive me its not as stable as daz. There are a lot of bugs that they didnt remove from the first version of cm 10. The only bugs i found so far on cm10 of daz are the notification bar freezing and caller id lag, but its usable for everyday, and the rom of shendu its laggy, doesnt take the best of mobile hardware.
  12. Great work dazz till now i saw the notification bar crashing sometimes.
  13. Hi. Iam with some Issues with wifi it works well with static IP but using dhcp It doesnt get IP and loses signal any fix for these?
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