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  1. Wait... did I really just say that, when Paul was the one who posted this? Oh man, my brain is fried after last night! Please ignore me!
  2. You beat me to the punch posting this- I politely (though I'm sure I'm not the only one who did) requested the source the other week via the contact form on that site - and today they emailed this morning syaing they had uploaded the source I'd requested. ! How shocked am I. I'm guessing it was a co-incidence, but for once - well done LG! Hope Paul sees this post? EDIT : Apparently I lost the ability to to read/think. It's been a long night ok? ;-) Charlie
  3. Hi people, So I've been following these topics with interest looking for a good Gingerbread ROM. I was excited when Paul brought out GR1 but decided to wait until a final release, then GR4 came out.... But now I'm confused - we have GR4 & a Cyanongen based rom and on top of that I hear of all kinds of Kernels that people are experimenting with. So I have no idea which to use. I'm looking for a Gingerbread ROM that is fast enough to be comfortable to use, but primarily must be stable and have good battery life. Does anyone have an idea of what is the best ROM/Kernel/Baseband and to suit this? (I'm in the UK) Or is it still too early, and maybe I should stick with FR19? Your thoughts, appreciated. Thanks, Charlie
  4. Ok thanks Paul, I'm excited nonetheless for this release - thanks for all your hard work. And nice review too!
  5. Paul - do you know if v20j brings usb-host mode support at all? If -as I'm assuming- it's still based on the Froyo kernel then I guess it won't? But I can hope at least, would love to be able to control my DSLR with my O2X! There was a previous discussion about this - but does anyone know if some of the more "exotic" kernels mentioned in this thread support it? Thanks.
  6. Ah shame. I think I'll order a cable, flash to GR and give it a go. The app is only $5 whilst it's in beta, then they'll hike the price up. I know I'll use this if I can get it to work so may as well shell out for it now, I've no doubt this can be made to work eventually. Which cable did you order exactly? I'm sure I read that you need a special "On-The-Go" cable - or is this just marketing speak?
  7. Has anyone looked at this app? http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/control-your-canon-eos-dslr-from-your-android-device/14119 I'm itching to try this, but I guess it requires USB host mode. Has anyone tried it with the GR2? I'm also guessing that as this actually has a froyo kernel, it's probably not going to work? Charlie
  8. Quick/Possibly dumb question: what does "BBA compatibility" mean in this context?
  9. To all those asking Paul to "just post it now" can I say, why I think maybe he shouldn't: 1. Paul has said he needs to clear it with his source first. 2. If this early release does something horrific to your phone, despite posting any disclaimers there will always be someone who tries to blame Paul. He at least needs to vet this release a little first. 3. I'm sure Paul already has a list as long as his arm of things that need doing to this ROM. For the sake of his own sanity I'm sure he wants a chance to check/list up/even fix some of the basic things before releasing it into the wild - and being inundated with request to fix them. We're all better off letting Paul work some magic first, make a good first release - then provide feedback from there on.
  10. Hi, please add me on there: https://plus.google....217083757440153 or short version: http://gplus.name/charlie Is Google+ now open to all? If not, I see a "Send Invites" option so just PM me with your email address and I'll try it. Thanks!
  11. Many thanks Paul, this looks awesome. I've been holding off flashing from stock as I don't want to do it too often, looks like with have a stable release for now that will keep me going. So time to take the plunge I think. Anyone have any thoughts on how many of the LG apps I can remove? II don't find them any better than the stock apps I had on my old phone. Apart from the caveats mentioned on the online kitchen listing, has anyone found any problems with leaving pretty much all of them out?
  12. I love the quote from LG on this. The delay is so that: "Optimus customers will not experience the types of bugs found in smartphones recently upgraded to Android 2.3" As opposed to the bugs customers are currently experiencing with the stock rom you mean? I absolutely understand LG delaying it to "get it right" - but why not just release the source right now, so we at least have an unsupported release that those inclined can work on. Hell, they might even solve a few problems for you. The majority of people will wait for the final release whenever that comes. Oh wait, scratch that - the majority of people will probably never upgrade - or even know it's possible. And instead be forever pissed off with your company and the problems it gave them. I wonder how many people have returned the handsets already? Honestly LG - being secretive is really not the best policy.
  13. It seems that data plans just seem to be getting smaller, whilst contracts get longer. I'm limited where I live anyway, only O2 and Vodafone have coverage, and rarely get 3G reception. Luckily have wi-fi in most places so I live by that!
  14. Mobiles.co.uk (an arm of carphone warehouse) is taking contract upgrade pre-orders on Orange and Vondafone, plus a range of "free" gifts (including a cheapie 7" Binatone android tablet). Might be worth checking out if you need a contract. Link: http://www.mobiles.co.uk/orange-lg-optimus-2x.html Incidentally, they told me on Monday that they hope to ship out the Optimus 2x orders by Friday - but we'll see. cjp
  15. I'd like to see this too - I've just ordered an LG Optimus 2x and got one of these for free, but without the market it's gonna be a hassle. Should still be possible to load apps via an apk though. I suspect I'll probably just end up using it as a basic browser/ebook reader, but it'd be nice to do more with it. cjp
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