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  1. Hi Magic Mur....can i call u Mur....u...r....a GENIUS (did i spell that right? w/e not important) for MONTHS mystorage has been missing since i right after i flashed a rom and tried to uplade my media player from it and all i did was 1. download this cab 2. install to device 3. right after it installed it asked me to restart and when i did MY STORAGE CAME BACK WITH EVERYHTING I HAD STILL ON IT (=DDDD) and so i could hav just kept moving along but i dont think ppl say thank u much these days anymore so i just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU i live in miami and my i8000 is unlocked from canada so ya u can guess i'd never b able to get it to a service center but U DA' MAN MUR
  2. Arite my eyes hurt...and my head...after 2 weeks of searching EVERY how to i come across says how to cook in a kitchen but they start off with: step 1: copy your exe files into exe folder... -___- SHOULDNT STEP 1 BE HOW TO GET THE .MST FILE INTO FILES? OR INTO THE KITCHEN??? im trying to make a custom rom (all i really want to do is remove a few preinstalled apps to free up rom like facebook, midomi, and rss) i have the original i8000NXXJI1 .mst file from samsung, i also extracted it into a .NB0 file AND i also flashed my phone and then created a rom_dump.bin file so i have ALL 3 files...i just need to know how to get ONE of them into a kitchen...i've tried using 3 kitchens so far HyperCore, Vistang and some other one idk the name..... so if any one can tell me how to: put a .mst OR .nb0 OR rom_dump.bin file into a kitchen (ANY KITCHEN THAT I CAN REMOVE THE PROGRAMS FROM) please help...again i just plan to remove preinstalled programs nothing major...be nice to be able to change the page pool too but the most important im trying to do is to delete about 7 or 8 programs that normaly come on the rom that i dont use and want to delete to free up space (becuase i cant delete the files in windows not even using total comander) PLEASE & Thank You!
  3. #1 FAMAZING JOB Jacobn, i only wanted to remove a few programs (midomi, facebook, weather etc) and this did just that i got 89mb free ram and 227mb free rom @ 10pagepool its just famazing thank you 2 questions (i used the Ji1) 1. am i not selecting the right options because my task bar buttons (starticon, call log & contacts) are not the default WM6.5.3 circular buttons...they are square....is there anyway to get the shiny dark grey theme look in the picture in Namar's post above??? (fyi the black theme i have is not very black is it possibly a different theme all i have is black and blue theme) 2. START MENU...it looks like a bunch of folders...is this just how everyones looks or is there a way to get it to look like the regular honeycomb startmenu where all the programs are visible and not just sorted in folders.....Please and thanks you @Jacobn - if i have to donate to get your attention i will..but if you can answer these 2 questions to me and make it happen i'd love you even more (no homo) and still $donate$ ~ Dice
  4. arite yea cuz all the lite roms i find have like half of the phone taken out and im like...i just want those few programs cleared off if possible - i mean i guess i could try to make the rom myself i do still have all the files just when i read how to cook a rom its like...hu?....lol and i've been working in IT for 4yrs so...hit me up if anyone wants me to pay them to make that rom for me lol feel free to take out the defult pics and sounds (=P) unless som1 has already done that but thanks for the program name
  5. Hi, i have a i8000 (16gb) running i8000NXXJH2 (6.5.3) just like the other versions of 6.5 it comes with alot of preinstalled apps that do not show up on the remove programs list. i wanted to know if there is any way to remove them manualy, or using a program on the phone or a program from the pc...anything please i dont use these programs and i'd prefer to have the extra rom free anyway: Facebook YouTube MSN Weather MSN Money Podcast RSS Reader QIK Midomi Opera Browser
  6. Hey Did you ever find the rom for 6.1??? i downloaded this one from mega but its 6.5 but i'm looking for 6.1 as well preferably the canaidian bell version or an open (xx) version of the 6.1 rom for i8000....or ANY 6.1 ROM that has not been changed around yet...preferably english of course
  7. i hav a Samsung Omnia i900 wm6.1 phone wonderful, i just bought the omnia 2 (i8000) (both factory unlocked) but the omnia 2 comes with wm6.5 ...which after about a full 10 seconds of using i prefer 6.1 better (makes it look more like a pc) i looked throught the settings and found now uninstall or anything like that so is there away for me to downgrade from wm6.5 to 6.1???? i've asked this at sumsung omnias form and no1 could really help me since most ppl are trying to upgrade their phones but i would like to downgrade for my peace of mind. youtube n google have failed me i've seen how to flash and how to back up but non of them for the Omnia 2 so if anyone could help i'd like to try to : back up my phone (rom) just incase and then i guess flash 6.1 on to the phone ... if there is no way to downgrade can som1 at least tell me how to just put 6.1 one it in place of 6.5 ...catch my drift?
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