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  1. the 2 second thing just doesn't work for my device. In the end I manged to get it back to default by installing ADVENT 1.09 and then reflashed r8 Working again. I've got a headache!!
  2. Done all that...nothing All it ever says is Starting Fastboot USB Download Protocol
  3. I can't even reflash mine, just does nothing when attempt to
  4. Got stuck with this on my Vega. Flashed it to r8 3 days ago, all fine until I changed today the USB mode to host. Did the 2 second back button, 2 second power, let go of power button...etc Tried it about 40 times. Checked I had it right by checking load of other posts. Had power cable in. Just comes back to same screen. Got a mac and can see it in the the System Profiler and tried reflashing...nothing Booted into Windows partiiton, installed the USB driver...Windows see the device, tried running the restore, but all it sees is an unrecognised device I have a brick that is useless. Someone please help before this thing get smashed up and into the bin
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