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  1. Hi MLB1949, Thanks for the reply again, it's appreciated, and please don't take offence at this, but I think you are missing the point. I know how to put music on an external SD card. The issue is that I want Google Music Beta to use ther sdcard as it's default location. Either by moving the entire app, or just be choosing it's default location for storing the music it synchronises.
  2. Hi MLB1949, Thanks for your tips. It seems to me that you have simply moved all the music files over to the SdCard and then deleted them from the internal phone storage. This works as a one-off solution, but not as a permanent one I don't think. For example you will have to repeat this process each time you add any new files to Google Music Beta. Google Music Beta isn't actually using the sdCard as the location for syncing is it? It isn't the default storage? Thanks James
  3. Hi all, This topic has kind of been discussed in the "can't move apps to sdcard" thread, but I thought that some of you may have ideas. My situation is that I have Google Music Beta installed on my PC at home and my new S3, and I want all/most of my music to be available to me whereever I am, whether offline or not. My internal phone storage is the 16GB model, and I've put a 32GB memory card into the phone. My music collection is about 34.2GB. I thought that I'd be able to use my memory card as the offline storage for Google Music Beta, however there isn't an option within the app to allow me to choose where to store the music. Also I can't move the whole app to the memory card. So I'm a bit stumped. Any ideas? Thanks James
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