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    O2 exec

    Anyone here use O2 exec/imate jasjar? i can get it for PHP42,000, is that price reasonable, it is brand new.
  2. did anyone knows where i can buy sap1's battery, i have tried several smart wireless center, all don't have stock, and i also try green hills, it is so expensive and it is second hand.
  3. i used smart plan almost 3 years, i have three lines with smart and average consumable is more than fifteen thousand. but i have experienced a lot of poor service from smart. i spent 3 months for just changing my billing address, can you imagine that? i went to wireless center to fill up the form to changing billing address in greenhills, and after a month, my statement still sent to my old address, i called to service center, they told me there is no record i request to changing billing address. i have to go back to wirelss center to fill up form again. i applied a new plan during the promotion last july, but until now, i still not yet received only feed back about my application if it is denied or approved. when i called the customer care, they said they gonna check, and they will call back, but never call back again. yesterday, i went to wireless center in ayala, i just want to get O.R.for my payment through bank. but they don't want to give me O.R., the reason is i paid through bank, the bank will issue O.R.to me. how can a bank issue a O.R.from smart communication? bank accepted a lot of payment from different company, if that, bank have to prepare a lot of O.R. from different comapny, is it possible? I don't want to say who is best, there is no best, only better. no matter globe, smart, or sun they have weakness. but since i experience a lot of poor service from smart, i plan to terminate all my three lines. just want share my experience to everyone.
  4. i upgrade my sap from smart 137 version to qtek 7070 1.4 hongkong version. but i cant find STK service. how can i get it back?
  5. you can check following website:http://www.01outlet.com/
  6. could you pls send me the procedure to my email: [email protected] thanks a lot.
  7. just want to know if this rom with chinese character or chinese language?
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