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  1. youngsta2010

    [Question] Any recommended Micro SD cards?

    I bought one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00J29D62Y? works absolutely fine. Only 15 quid as well.
  2. youngsta2010

    New System update to 4.4.4

    Just received it on my OG Moto G XT1032 but not on my 4G XT1039 weird
  3. youngsta2010

    4.5inch or 4.7inch ?

    The screen is 4.5 inch, the navbar and status bar are a picture displayed on the screen so they won't affect the physical size of the screen will they? Whether they are there or not the _physical_ screen will still be 4.5 inches.
  4. youngsta2010

    4.5inch or 4.7inch ?

    Not sure what you mean. The navbar and status bar are displayed _on_ the screen? Not seperate to it?
  5. youngsta2010

    Adb from Linux ?

    Yeah cheers, I have tried gnomad but didn't really get on with it. I was just hoping to get it to show up as a drive but no luck. I'm just going to use airdroid now it's really easy and got a web interface so os doesn't matter. Thanks anyway. B)
  6. youngsta2010

    Adb from Linux ?

    I just have windoze and Ubuntu in dual boot. I know you can use adb and fastboot in Ubuntu, I don't have any experience with virtualbox tho. One thing tho I can not get Ubuntu to mount my moto g in mtp so have to use airdroid.
  7. youngsta2010

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    Nice! Good to see you again Konsta, came from blade too :P
  8. youngsta2010

    Moto G 4G LTE

    Says on Gizmodo the 8gb is £149 and is available immediately but I can't find it listed anywhere. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2014/05/moto-g-4g-confirmed-at-149/ Edit: Couple of websites say it should be available in a few weeks, by the end of the month. Defo going to sell my current Moto G and get one, just for the SD card. Not too bothered bout LTE.
  9. youngsta2010

    argos says no to three

    I put a Three sim in mine and it showed the phone number and signal strength in about phone. Got mine from phones4u sim free.
  10. youngsta2010

    Gapless playback?

    The thing is I really like the Play Music app. I just want to know if it's a hardware or software problem. I will give those apps a go. Cheers.
  11. youngsta2010

    Gapless playback?

    Haven't tried any other apps but I have a ZTE Blade running CM10.2 4.3.1 and Play Music is gapless on that.
  12. youngsta2010

    Gapless playback?

    Can anyone tell me if they have gapless playback in Play Music? I have stock unrooted sim free UK model. I thought gapless was a given nowadays, not on my device tho. Also is it gapless on CyanogenMod? Does anyone know if it's possible to change the separate bands on the EQ app as well? Thanks.
  13. youngsta2010

    GEM10312BK Lost Data Partition

    Yeah that was the one, I didn't try the rev2 because my device isn't the rev2. When I try and flash that ROM it just says failed and a load of random characters at the bottom. Any other ideas? I can try and dump the ROM or something cos it was rooted out of the box. Thanks a lot for the help.
  14. youngsta2010

    GEM10312BK Lost Data Partition

    Hey, I'm really not expecting a reply but I might as well try. The data partition on my miseryTAB seems to have been lost or got corrupted, it just says it's 0B in storage and I can't install any apps from play store and the device resets every time it is switched off. I've tried formatting cache in the stock recovery but it makes no difference. Does anybody know how I can get it working again or shall I just bin it? I'm assuming it's just a partition on the onboard flash chip and it's just become corrupted but I don't know. Thanks for any help and if anyone knows of a CWM or ROM that will work on this (worst that's ever been made)tablet let me know. Cheers. P.S I also tried to reflash the ROM that is supposed to be for my device and the flash failed with some gibberish at the bottom, I asked Gemini Devices about this and they just came up with some absolute BS about my device being somehow different so that ROM wouldn't work!? I asked them where the ROM was for this device and got no reply.
  15. Any1 else having problems with Play Store? Just keeps saying "No Connection" I've tried clearing cache and data for that and Services, wiping cache and dalvik in CWM and deleting my Google account. Even re-flashed ROM and Gapps, no luck. I've got 180mb /system so I'm stumped anybody have any clues?

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