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  1. Looking forward to that .... in the mean time, i reflashed ModdedStock, set the time and then reflashed VC and the problem seems to have gone (touch wood). As ever, thanks guys for your help.
  2. I have already got Clocksync .... you are right, it's a great app and does provide a good workaround. I will get some logcat output when i get home from work. The time and date loss doesn't bother me overly since it only happens on a power cycle but if i ever sell the Vega i'm sure whoever buys it will make an issue out of it
  3. *sigh* ... redid moddedstock V2 and full 8.1 VC and the problem still exists. I wonder if it's worth trying the earlier moddedstock to see if that makes a difference. Yeah ... may as well :)
  4. yep, absolutely certain, but i'll flash it again just to be on the safe side.
  5. Hi guys, My vega completely loses its date and time on any sort of power cycle, and i'm nearly sure it's only started doing this since i flashed VegaComb. Is this a known issue, could it be a symptom of a bad flash, or is my rtc just shagged ? Apologies if this question has been asked previously. I've searched but cant find anything relevant.
  6. great for reading the news in the bog
  7. true, all the same company, but not always the same deals and their stock levels aren't always that accurate, so it's worth checking around. i also checked ebuyer and cpw but no joy.
  8. not a single one available in Northern Ireland through dixons, currys or pcworld.
  9. MartzWeb


    same problem here ..... no issue connecting to work vpn on any other device ... just the vega unfortunately :( ... which is a total pity because i've been playing with the 2x rdp client and it works very nicely.....
  10. build 5 was not entirely successful for me from the WPA perspective with a frozen connection after i used spotify for a while, but build 6 has been absolutely fine so far...... on a somewhat different note .... has anybody seen a realtime sound analyser app that is presently downloadable / working with this rom ? i have been playing with audalyzer but it's so far unavailable on the market....
  11. well deserved !! bl00dy brilliant works gentlemen :)
  12. I've been playing with Dolphin HD as a browser ... and i quite like it :)
  13. This ROM is sensational work! OK there may be a few rough edges but i'm grinning like a nutter and cant put my vega down :) Thanks so much to everyone who has had a part in developing this epic ROM. Whats the deal regarding donations ? This work is most deserving!
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