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  1. 1st RULE: NEVER ask for ETA. 2nd RULE: Read 1st rule. 3rd RULE: Read 2nd rule.
  2. Well, if it doesn't boot at all (even if you removed the battery and reinstalled it) probably you bricked it. I had this issue once upon a time ( I also flashed wrong rom) and I took it to the store were I bought it (wind, hellas) and gave it back for repair. I had warranty so I didn't pay anything (I was waiting for my device about 20 days). Give it a try. Just say to them that it doesn't boot (and NOTHING ELSE). :)
  3. Since I use dalvik cache, is it necessary to change in ART? Sorry for my questions, but untill now (except the message that popped up -I "fixed" it with reboot) I have NO problems with apps, or Google Store. Every single app works just fine. Sorry again if I'm getting bored for you. ^_^
  4. Τhanks mate. Really beautifull article. So, do I just switch to ART, or do I have to do clean install of rom and gapps?
  5. How do I know if I use ART? I have no problems with apps either installing them or running them....
  6. "android.process.media has stopped". This message keeps popping up!!! Anyone what this might could be?
  7. It is working like a charm!!! Install rom, gapps and then blade3->acqua patch. You will be amazed!!!
  8. I 've noticed this: wallpaper (from gallery, a custom foto, not a stock one),turns bigger (and stays that way untill I re-set it to normal size) when -from start screen- I press "settings" button (not icon from menu) and then again settings (icon that appears down right on screen). Some kind of bug I guess? Zte Acqua.
  9. Αctually blade3->acqua mode is used AFTER installing rom and gapps. KonstaT's gapps by the way works fine for me (Greek Acqua user). :)
  10. Did you overclocked your phone? This could be a reason for your reboots.
  11. BRILLIANT!!! EXTRAORDINARY!!! 1000+ for KonstaT and his awesome work! Phone runs like a bullet, wifi lock'n loaded, everything works smoothly so far. For acqua users, after installing rom and gapps, install this: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/365741-[ROM][PATCH]-ZTE-Blade-III-->-ZTE-Acqua-compatibility-for-all-ROMs#entry4509. Welldone mate!!!
  12. Uhm... Link is down due to federal laws (thats what it says...). Any other link?
  13. BladeIII-Acqua-compatibility-v2.zip https://hotfile.com/...ity-v2.zip.html
  14. hmmmmm... no wifi for me... Again... Greek Acqua user... :( Allthough I installed wifi patch from 4.3 (I thought it could work...)....
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