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  1. It's OK!! Turns out I don't need the vivacity kernel file. FishNChips working - hooray!
  2. Yes... many times!! OK decided to type out what I'd done and in the process realised I missed out a vital step... after wiping the Dalvik Cache I didn't select Reboot Recovery to get to the blue screen. Have now done this and it is now fine with my ROM (can't remember which one's on the SD card now I've tried so many options!) Anyway now I'm stuck because I haven't got a vivacitykernel.zip file. Can anyone point me to a download site that's working for this please?
  3. Hi Hoping someone can advise a novice ... Was following a variety of instructions (which I know isn't the greatest idea). Started off with these unlocking instructions because they looked straightforward but soon found that I needed more clarification about QPST, so have been following MoDaCo ones as well. One way I made life difficult for myself is not to put my chosen ROM file on the SD card at the outset before messing with the phone. I have followed the unlocking steps as far as step 20 so I think that now I should just need to put a ROM on the root of the SD card, rename it 'update.zip' (or actually just 'update' as the zip tag is already there). I have done this by USB mounting the phone in Clockwork Recovery, copying the file there, renaming it, unmounting and then selecting 'choose zip from sdcard'. Have repeatedly tried this with both official stock roms (separate attempts), r1 debranded ROM and finally Fish'N'Chips. The phone is stuck in CWM until I can get the phone to recognise one of the ROM files I'm trying to use. Typical message is: Finding update package Opening update package E: Can't open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory) Installation aborted Couldn't open directory Couldn't open directory No files found This is despite having 2 files listed on the sdcard 'update.zip/' and also 'update.zip' (have tried both) but maybe this is part of the problem Mysteriously when I look at the SD card files from my PC, only one 'update' file is listed From various threads it seems I also need a Vivacity kernel zip file on the SD card. I am v confused by all the threads on MoDaCo and cannot work out where to find one to use now that some download sites are out of use. I am not interested in overclocking or anything tricky. (This is not mentioned in the blog instructions I followed originally). Would appreciate any help that will get me sorted. Thanks!
  4. Complained to Orange about my OSF blacklisting. They tried ignoring my first letter, so sent the second via registered post. Have now received compensation of £90.
  5. I would say there is a risk, however my barred OSF still worked with my MTN Cyprus SIM - it was only blocked from T-Mobile (and I would think Orange, but I didn't have an Orange SIM to check this).
  6. Finally resolved! Text from T-Mobile customer service - how was my recent experience? This was followed up by a phone call from Techical Support to say the phone has been 'unblacklisted'. They didn't want to tell me who had blacklisted it in the first place (initially stating 'legal reasons', then after consulting supervisor amending this to 'company policy') - finally revealing it was - surprise surprise (not) - Orange.
  7. Yes! Tried to post the link but it wouldn't let me (is it because I'm a Newbie?) Please could everyone with this problem keep us posted with updates - still need to know who made the blacklisting and when / how it is resolved. Thanks
  8. captainkirk also seems to have the problem - see 'Sim locked out of phone?' thread here. That makes 4 of us now - all having the same difficulties with T-Mobile sims in our unlocked Blades.
  9. ampeli

    Sim locked out of phone?

    Another person with the same problem as me - also on T-Mobile too! See my thread 'Has anyone else had their Blade blacklisted?' My symptoms are exactly the same. T-Mobile sim has just stopped working in unlocked OSF, but works in other phones. OSF works on GiffGaff. T-Mobile and Orange say the phone is blacklisted but not by them, so I cannot get the bar lifted.
  10. Found someone else reporting the same problem with their OSF - after they posted on my thread on MoneySavingExpert. They were told by T-Mobile that their handset was blacklisted, and by Orange that they could lift the bar with the correct information from the original owner of the phone.
  11. I did a CheckMend search and it did not show up any problems. I phoned Orange and they say the handset is blacklisted, but again not by them. Still awaiting a reply from O2. By the way I did not respond to the text about using the Orange signal. I did reboot in response to the text about faster internet - but I only got that this morning. (Have put contract sim in my other OSF so I have phone access.) Confused!
  12. Thanks hecatae for your information about how the blacklisting operates - can see that the fact that the GiffGaff sim works at the moment could only be a temporary situation until the blacklist is passed on to Vodafone and O2. I'm really stuck until I can find out how instituted the bar, but all T-Mobile will say is it wasn't them. Do I need to either pay an IMEI checking site (and pay them for the privilege) or all the networks individually? The original Orange sim has never been reported stolen. Think I put it in initially while I was playing around and before I organised the unlock but wouldn't have made any calls as I had a contract sim with O2 at the time. Never even contacted Orange to activate the Internet, so just used WiFi. (Bit difficult to remember as I later bought a second OSF.)
  13. From memory I used DC Unlocker's website for the unlock, but I did not post the IMEI anywhere public. We are talking October 2010 and phone has been fine for over a year so I don't think this is the source of the problem. Swapped with a GiffGaff sim I have in an unlocked Pulse Mini. Both phones work with sims swapped so I'm thinking this indicates O2 or GiffGaff are responsible for the blacklisting. Still no joy with T-Mobile - tried ringing Tech Support again today. Getting really fed up with switching off, removing battery and sim and rebooting scenario to no effect. They have refreshed my account several times, but nothing works. I have now emailed O2 to ask them to check whether they have barred the phone in error. Found a thread 'Your sim does not allow connection to this network' at xda-developers which seems like mine. In their case the IMEI block for a stolen phone had been entered incorrectly at Vodafone, and the poster had difficulties because they had not used the Vodafone network. They got it resolved, but it took a lot of untangling.
  14. The imei is correct and uncorrupted by flashing. It matches that listed on the box originally. Have written to T-Mobile with photo of box and copy of Orange invoice as proof of legal ownership. Apparently they have to pursue it with whoever has instituted the blacklisting.
  15. Thanks for replies. It is showing a proper imei (not all zeros). Will see what happens with T-Moble tomorrow, but in the meantime may need to put my sim in a Pulse Mini as a temporary measure. I do find it very worrying though that someone can block the phone and T-Mobile can refuse to tell me whether it is another network, and if so which one. Been Googling and it seems that it would be quite difficult to misquote your imei when requesting a block if the phone is lost or stolen as there is a check-sum to ensure it is legitimate.

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