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  1. I'm running nightly 166 and, as usual, WiFi is not reconnecting after standby. I'm currently using "Blade WiFi Fix" from the market. It automatically resets the WiFi connection when the phone awakes from standby. Those of you reporting the same issue may want to try it out. It works for me.
  2. See this topic: http://android.modac...ader-unlocking/ One QUESTION: How do you rate the HTC Sensation's "death grip" issue? Some links... http://www.gsmarena....g-news-2742.php http://www.slashgear...issue-08158058/ Thanks.
  3. Agree 100%. But other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung will not be happy about this. Will Nexus Prime be a Motorola?
  4. As of TODAY (Aug,15 2011) HTC starts official boot loader UNLOCKING for the HTC Sensation (EU) with FOTA 1.45.401.2. Go to http://htcdev.com/bootloader/ for details.
  5. Thank YOU sm4tik, tried it out and it works. One more question concerning the FM radio that maybe you or someone else can answer: - How to memorize the radio stations? I keep pressing the buttons on top of the frequencies dial (the ones with a + sign) but nothing happens. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  6. No offense taken TRIPOV, I meant 2011 of course - edited and corrected. Thx
  7. Hi Anil. Glad you liked it. As you can see from the info that I provided this is a relatively "light" usage of the phone so probably the battery life that you are getting is normal for your "heavy" usage. Reminds me of an online conference in G+ between 4 Android editors/reviewers where 3 of them rambled for at least some 20 minutes about the short life span of their phone's batteries and the multitude of tweaks and apps they used to achieve a better life span until the 4th of them, who had been quietly listening until that point asked them simply if they didn't had access to the power grid at work and home. Unquestionably batteries are actually the "Achilles heel" of today's electronic gadgets but after all we are speaking of "smart" phones that we use to do a lot of "smart" stuff so we should use also be "smart" while using them. Cheers.
  8. Hi Guys. My promised feedback on CM7 nightly 142+ (by SEJ7278). MY USER PROFILE (noob, but fan ) This is my very FIRST Android phone, I received it in mid March/2011 with a v2.1 Eclair stock firmware and after 2/3 weeks I rooted it with "Universal Android Root", upgraded to Gen2 and installed CM 7.1 RC1 with WBAW's all-in-one "CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 Gen1 to Gen2 Upgrade TPT". Used the phone like this until the end of July/2011 when I instaled the above mentioned nightly version 142+ that I'm using up to this date. MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS Sync: - Auto-sync ON - Background data ON Power: - 2G ON (rarely use 3G); - GPS ON. Display: - Brightness 75%; - Timeout 2 minutes. Performance: - Surface dithering DISABLED; - Governor ON DEMAND; - CPU frequencies min=245, max=600 (no OC). TYPICAL USAGE (since last charge) - phone calls 3/4 short (1 to 2 mins) a day; - WiFi 2 hours a day (LAN and Internet, disabled when not in use); - FM radio 1.5 hours a day; - MP3 player 30 minutes since last charge; - GPS 30 minutes since last charge (always enabled); - APPs 2 hours a day (reading email and pdf documents and transfering files to/from networked PCs mostly). (see attached screenshot "BatteryUsage.jpg" for battery usage statistics) FEEDBACK Positive points: - Great power consumption in stand by (relative to stock 2.1 and CM7 7.1 RC1) - FM radio works (relative to CM7 7.1 RC1) - GPS works (relative to CM7 7.1 RC1) Negative points: - FM radio only works using North American regional band (in 200 Khz increments wich leaves out a few European radio stations); - WiFi power consumption (relative to stock 2.1); - WiFi doesn't reconect after stand by (relative to stock 2.1, could be a problem with my router, needs more testing); - ADW home screen is nonresponsive at times (mainly draging items to edge of screen to move them between screens and when changing between services and apps in the apps managing interface), maybe a CPU related issue. FINAL NOTES Very stable firmware - never had a Force Close (but I'm very selective with the apps I install and I'm not Overclocking the CPU). Never felt the need to calibrate the battery (it charges to 100% and is usable down to 0%). Overall, the experience has been very positive when compared to Stock 2.1 and CM7 7.1 RC1 firmwares. Sorry for this (maybe too long) post but I'm writing it because, judging by my own experience as an Android newbie and by some questions that I've seen posted in this and other similar forums, I believe it to be of interest for newcomers. Long Live ANDROID!
  9. Thank YOU sej7278, got it. Nice work! Instaled your ROM yesterday night and: - Battery consumption is looking GOOD - better than with the original 2.1 stock ROM, - GPS is working now :), - WiFi still doesn't wake from Standby (minor issue). Keep it up and thank YOU again..
  10. I assume from your answer that "the difference" is that Simon's build is generally better ;) - downloading now. Thank YOU Anil for you prompt reply. Will post some feedback in a few days time.
  11. Hi All! I'm new to Android and new to this Forum - please be gentle ;) I'm currently running CM7 7.1 RC1 [Gen 2] and having some problems with: - GPs not connecting to satelites, - WiFi not reconnecting after StandBy, - Battery drain (2-3% every hour when in StandBy). I'm about to try a more recent nightly build to see if it solves at least the Battery issue and was wondering if someone can briefly explain me what are the diferences between the CM7 nightly 142 (cm_blade_full-142.zip) and the CM7 142+ from Simon aka SEJ7278 (update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-Blade-KANG-signed-20110720-n142plus.zip)? Thx in advance.
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