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  1. I just installed this ROM and it's perfect! But there is just one thing missing - Live Wallpapers. I am unable to install any live wallpaper, it gives me this message: "this handset doen't support the live wallpaper feature, you can acquire the Live Wallpaper feature via upgrading firmware." What can i do?
  2. Can this be done with the bluetooth driver? it doesn't reconnect with my car kit also..
  3. I can't download big apps from the market with this rom. Is this happening with anyone else? I tried a few roms today and they all run without problems, but when i go back to this rom the problem persists...
  4. Is this only happening to me?
  5. I bought my Blade 4 months ago and i have been noticing for the past few weeks that the touch sometimes has become less responsive, and only gets fixed until i reboot the device. I noticed this behavior with SS RLS5, FLB, CM7 stable and a few nightlys. With CM7 sometimes it got worst being almost impossible to unlock the device, my finger goes to the right and the sliding tab goes to the left. And i have to press really hard until the touch responds. After i reboot it all runs normally for a while. I am running gen2 (since almost i noticed this situation, maybe it has something to do with it...) and i always wipe everything when installing new roms. Is this hardware failure? Thanks.
  6. I tried today and still doesn't work
  7. Is this rom free of bluetooth issues? Because i tried several nightlys and they all had issues with my car kit. I can pair the devices but after the device goes to sleep, it wont reconnect automatically...
  8. I checked MD5 sum and completely wiped the device, so i am concerned that this could be an hardware failure, can it be? I didn't want to spend another day installing another rom, apps, configs,...
  9. Hi, I flashed RLS5 2 weeks ago and i've been having crashes and freezes frequently. I have flashed through Clockwork Recovery, wiped everything and i am not overclocking. Sometimes when i wake up the device it has already turned off, sometimes when receiving a call or sms i can't unlock the phone, the display does not respond and i have to turn off the device and take the battery out. What can i do?

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