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    zte racer
  1. LordCrash

    ICS Hardware Binaries for Racer

    Once vamshi can not help, you should try to persuade deadlink ... Maybe a few days ago made ​​an attempt to talk to him again, and maybe even meet him, because by chance it turned out that we are one of the city.
  2. Hi all. Then came across a very interesting topic. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1461712 Someone remembered that here laid for a recovery GEN1 enabled touch screen? Is it possible to change it for the GEN2? I want to try what the link.
  3. LordCrash

    Convert Gen2 to Gen1

    Yes, it's certainly possible. This requires a program called firmware tpt. If a interisuetquestion, I can paint like that, and where to take this.
  4. Okay admit a mistake, after the second set with battery everything is normal.It remains to fix the framework and the firmware will be perfect.
  5. it's all done, I believe that the cause may not be in the firmware, but when installed, could not really test it because the battery is discharged very quickly. sorry for my bad english
  6. on this rom my battery 35% in 20 min... it's not normal...
  7. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    Happy New Year 2012!
  8. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    I try to ask deadlink perhaps he can help with the kernel
  9. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    I edited the first post in connection with the situation. Look ....
  10. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    Thanks for your report, I'll try that tomorrow night, or to correct, today is just a lot of time and sleepy)
  11. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    with the calibration of all right, there's just an interesting control - the cursor
  12. LordCrash

    Android 4.0.x on ZTE Racer

    I can not make a screenshot, as one of the problems - it does not work yet USB flash drive, if the current is on camera ...
  13. ICS on Racer File deleted because no sense in it, we will wait more than a normal assembly for blade, or who may decide to collect from the source. For the time being we can discuss their ideas and news, if that appears more or less worthy, let me know, I secured in the first message, that would not create a new topic.
  14. http://upload.donnet.ru/87330c13 Please check that possibly could go wrong in the update-script

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