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  1. I also need the firmware files for an old advent vega please as tablet has developed 99 fix issue. Hope someone has still got these files Thanks Anna
  2. Not sure if this is what you meant but Ifile manager apk is in the new test rom. You will see it when u reboot for the first time using a usb mouse or dock to navigate the screen. Install saved tputility2 from sd card and follow rest on instructions.
  3. OMG my touchscreen is working now after stop working since Jan when youngest son dropped device. I thought it was because of that and infact it was a totally different issue with the device. I really can't thank you enough as I was gonna throw it away last month but just never got around it. Btw I sent u an email about not being able to to get pass screen cos touch screen not working at all (sorry had a bimbo moment then and of course you need a usb mouse to access screen doh), so you can ignore that email. Thanks again!!!
  4. Smart q Q8 I need some urgent help, today I tried to restore a nandroid backup and cannot access clockwork mod recovery or by holding the - button on volume or power. How can i update future firmware if neither are working. Is it a kernal corruption ? And does anyone have a flash recovery image, if so how can I install it on this device. I need some help please. BTW not sure why it has come up as spam
  5. Paris2011

    [ROM] [3.2] Vegacomb 3.2 Build 5

    Hi not sure if this is a rom problem or a server fault but any games using openfeint seems to show a 404 error. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks Paris
  6. Paris2011

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    Hi Scott I had the same problem so I just reinstalled the ROM only and then booted vega . I then rebooted and went into ROM manager and installed GAPPS through updates Then held down power button and went into recovery where GAPPS installation started automatically and installed. Rebooted again and then went back into recovery and installed phone removal tools. Hope this works for you
  7. Paris2011

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    I can't wait for this rom to progress too.
  8. Paris2011

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Hi, before I put vegacomb on could you tell me if gingerbread dash is working properly cos if wasn't on previous betas. Thanks
  9. Hi...after i put on r8 i also added this fix straight after through cwm (make sure gsensor box is unticked beforehand) and it works on majority of games...hope it helps!! http://www.sorensiim.dk/higgsy/Vega/Vega_A...rometer_Fix.zip
  10. Paris2011

    Fuji TNT-Lite Vega v0.3 (05/04/2011)

    everytime i try to download it says trojan found...why is that? I use Nod32 as my antivirus
  11. Paris2011

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    Thanks for that...got it now
  12. Paris2011

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    hi...sorry if this is a stupid question...downloaded this and everything is great but how do i get android market on it and get it working???
  13. Paris2011

    Fuji TNT-Lite Vega v0.3 (05/04/2011)

    I tried to download the lastest rom and it keeps failing at the end of download
  14. Paris2011

    24/Jan ClockworkMod for the Advent Vega

    Thanks for this advice...i never truly understood how to put on CWR (even tho I have read loadsof threads on here relating to it) but with this very simple instructions I have now got it and can make a backup....Cheere

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