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  1. A lot of things not working, I don't have this device, so it is difficult to develop.
  2. Today I started porting CyanogenMod for ZTE Crescent.
  3. I believe so too. Because there isn't still officially firmware 2.3.4 for ZTE Libra. And if this is official 2.3.4 rom that he has long appeared to be hiapk.
  4. md5 : a618471d44ae48d8ef6bccb432b3cfad sha1: f23e3e7256c32bacb11acdeb5da64b89dd71fded
  5. I edit partition from v7. New partition(138mb system, 315mb data, 2mb cache). LINK md5 : a618471d44ae48d8ef6bccb432b3cfad sha1: f23e3e7256c32bacb11acdeb5da64b89dd71fded
  6. need edit partition_zte and appsboot. I can do it tomorrow.
  7. Why you update partition? You said that partition (128 sistem 2 cache 314 data) better.
  8. Because 138 mb system for Cyanogenmod is not enough, if install new google apps
  9. My new partition layout with cpg appsboot. Partition-Info: CACHE: 15 mb SYSTEM: 150 mb USERDATA: 290 mb OEM: 0 downloadpartition_zte.zip
  10. What new in Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v4.zip? May be you need write changelog in first message?
  11. please tell me what is in each image file ****. mbn I found that amss.mbn it's radio image and appsboot a boot loader image. And what's the rest?
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