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  1. Something is wrong with the site, will try and work out what it is and fix it.
  2. Custom roms like CM9 don't have that option, its only available in stock roms (or ones based on stock roms).
  3. If you make a custom TPT, those two files are changed, so the md5sums for them will no longer match. If it says it finished building the TPT without giving any errors then it should be ok.
  4. Sorry for the delay, all the TPTs for the ZTE Skate that are included in the app have CWM as recovery.
  5. The Windows flashing will have unlocked it, its basically the same method used to unlock the ZTE Skate and others.
  6. Try using a Gen 1 to Gen 2 type TPT, and see if that works instead.
  7. Yeah I suppose maybe it should be. A European Blade sounds more natural than an European Blade to me though. v1.3 is an old version which had a bug in it. The latest version should give the correct result.
  8. It should work on ICS yes. Is the image folder on the root of your sdcard, and are all the files in it ok?
  9. You need to flash a rom from recovery. TPTs wipe your data and current rom.
  10. According to the article that's been on the front page for the last few days, no. http://www.modaco.com/page/news/_/android/are-zte-shipping-some-android-devices-with-a-ro-r490
  11. There isn't one that will work on Gen 3 without you having to change things in it first. You could always convert to Gen 2 and then you can use any of the current roms. You would need to use a stock Gen 2 TPT to do this.
  12. Are you sure your system partition is 162MB? 162MB is the size of the data partition on stock Gen 2 phones, so maybe you mixed them up. That would explain why it works fine for you as well, as your system partition will be big enough if that is the case.
  13. Is the middle hard button not the menu button?
  14. Mr Pigfish just tells you if its Gen 1 or Gen 2, it doesn't tell you which type it is. You should use the Gen 1 to Gen 2 TPTs.
  15. You can convert to Gen 2 and install the rom directly using the TPT method in the Swedish Snow thread. If you want to be able to install ICS roms later, then you might want to use a different TPT to convert to Gen 2 and then flash Swedish Snow via recovery as the Swedish Snow TPT will not give you a big enough system partition for ICS. The Gen 1 to Gen 2 TPTs which are used on TPT upgraded Gen 2 phones are Gen 1 style TPTs. You should pick the TPT upgraded Gen 2 option (although it actually doesn't matter as its just setting the type of TPT to use and its the same for both those options). It should be clearer in the next release. It might take a few minutes to unzip, but if its taking longer than 5/10 mins, then that seems a bit strange. The files it needs are saved to your sdcard, so if there are already there it doesn't download them again. You could try deleting the TPT Helper folder from your sdcard to download it again in case something has been corrupted. If you try and flash a stock Gen 2 TPT and your phone isn't that type, it should just not start. Its unlikely that it could brick it, but if you don't have that type of phone then there's no reason to try in case something does happen.
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