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  1. Konstat you can do it compile with make bacon -j8? Is that to me gives me error... make: *** No rule to make target `bacon '. Stop.
  2. It is a common problem in the latest version of ColdFusion, there was a change in the source code of cm, I also had this problem in my versions. Is already fixed and I have no problems in my last version (based on CM9)!
  3. iShubham, Can you provide the source of the rom? Or you simply have changed the themes? I await response. Thanks
  4. @KonstaT, know of any app that works well with wifi tethering? I've tried several but nothing works very well...
  5. In my opinion the smartassv2 is very aggressive for the equipment/battery, I recommend ondemand. Use with 245mhz minimum and 691/710mhz maximum.
  6. I in my old versions were using "Faster Adreno 200 libs for Gingerbread". At the time I noticed some performance improvements, the targetbsp also uses it builds on it. If you want you can do first nandroid, and after the doings wipes can flashing normally.
  7. CyanogenMod 7 KANG by asm19: Changelog: - Everything that was approved by Cyanogen days until 7/06/2012 (today): http://goo.gl/MTT0L "Czech: added missing string for fingerprint unlock, fixed (MERGED)" - Faster Adreno 200 libs for Gingerbread: http://goo.gl/QicXl - Patch with fonts ICS - Patch basic_ringlock and softbuttons provided by sej7278 Version with Launcher Home (I personally like more of this, it is faster): Download: http://goo.gl/OgRKw MD5: 6a25cc18fa22d03245e4d60948adba3f Version with ADW Launcher (Default CM7): Download: http://goo.gl/DwjPK MD5: 7f712753f1ba975204334151dd35c6fc Gapps 7-06-2012 by asm19 (PlayStore, Youtube, Gmail etc... doesn't include google maps): Download: http://goo.gl/zya7R MD5: d19dc2d1aa1073bb78ddbcbb0a5e4a99
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