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  1. Moore's law of the smart phone world I guess
  2. Hey guys. Which phone will you be moving to next after the smart ultra 6. Preferable answers include another budget monster of a phone(much like the SU6)which can be bought in the UK, but with the added benefit of actually being developer friendly. I hope that the answers in this thread will be beneficial to people looking for a budget upgrade to the smart ultra 6 :)
  3. Can anyone tell me what the performance and battery life are like compared to gipsy v5 from. Thanks in advance
  4. If you're rooted you can get around the annoying issue of big game files not being stored on the SD card by using an app called "folder mount", you just transfer your OBB file to the MicroSD card and then mount it as if it was on the internal storage, essentially tricking the app into believing the necessary files are on the internal SD when they're actually on the external card. Works flawlessly on big games like GTA. I can imagine it's use going far beyond just games as well.
  5. gitanillo87 you are the man, you're single handedly keeping the su6 interest alive. Keep it up
  6. I think I read somewhere once that the Moto g has the same camera as this phone. If you could somehow see what makes that camera work I'm sure it could be useful in your builds. Good luck building the roms :)
  7. Getting a cheap payg sim is the best option then
  8. Would be really great to see this ROM updated if OP has the time :)
  9. Sorry for making a new thread for this. Just wanted to know if this phone's display can be displayed on my tv(without wireless display, too much latency) using a micro usb to hdmi(mhl) adapter. Any answers are much appreciated :) THANKS!
  10. Been using this rom for a while now. And its a dream, feels polished, fast and smooth. Kudos to you man :)
  11. Got a noob level question here. Has anyone managed to successfully setup link2sd. And if so can I kindly ask as to how they did it. I've been trying for ages and I still can't get it to work. Tried formatting to ext2,3 and 4. Link2sd still won't see anything :'(
  12. How do I correctly partition my microSD card so that I can install more apps to the phone? any help would be much appreciated
  13. Is it worth the upgrade? Or is sticking to 5.0.2 better?
  14. It was? Would be nice if someone could make a rom that really takes advantage of the hardware that the phone has. Vodafone's build is kind of buggy
  15. So. What I want to know is, what does the bootlocker unlock switch means for us. Does it mean we can have custom roms and maybe even Cyanogenmod(if someone makes a build :)?
  16. My phone just completely froze up and rebooted it self into safemode? Has this ever happened to anyone. Is it meant to happen? I'm out of safemode now and can no longer reproduce the same effect.
  17. That's already been tried. I don't know why we keep on discussing this topic. We're most likely never going to receive jb.
  18. THIS!!! I'm, going to return my current OSD to orange, I keep running into genuine problems with this device, especially the darn power button, they've already repaired it once. I think that an extra £50 for a the Motorola is a worthy investment. Intel phones are just phenomenal
  19. This phone was an absolute beast for its price, but thanks to the likes of the big cooperations this phones potential never did get appreciated. So what is the next powerful but budget phone we can move on to which will get developer love?
  20. Have you enabled adbd insecure? And are you also rooted?
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