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  1. THX @Paul... PRO option in the kitchen for this mod ^^ PLZZZZZZZZZ
  2. Whats your Problem? Paul don't want Money from you! Keep the Forum running, the Download Servers online etc. produces costs.... If you wanna have a benefit Membership you have to "do something for the COMMUNITY"... Nothing more.... PAUL FOR THE WIN!
  3. Found a Bug in Fr18 and before releases... If I let turn Timeriffic (or "Profiles") my Wifi Off an a desired Time, I have to reboot the Phone if I wish to activate Wifi once again. And if I let the App(s) turn the Wifi on, the LGOS reboots instantly... So I have to deactivate the Wifi manual and same to turn it on... ;) ---- Is it possible that you add another (I think the Circle is great) Battery on the Not.Bar? I love it to see the percentage of Load.... ---- THANK YA MAN!
  4. Paul does a great Job, so we all have to thank him. I thank him... "Thanks Paul! Cool work!". But the most of us are horrible "I wanna play with my Dev" Kidds... Ok, I'm too... So, it's like a Drug... And Paul's the Dealer.... and we NEED mooooooooore ^^ It's so hard to wait :D But also there is no right to get Updates... So we have to be patient, friendly and hopefully to get mooooore.... soooooon ^^ Have a nice evening PPL
  5. Hi Paul, a few Days before, I reported a Bug with the Notification Bar. At least the Bug occured again on Fr16, so I reverted back to Fr15 (Fr15 works). Fr15 runs quitly perfect. The Bug (new try of better Description) occures when I pull down the Notification Bar, to get the Shortcuts for WLAN, BT, etc. If I do this, the Bar stucks (not everytime on the same position). I cant do anything to solve this. 1) If i press the Home Button, I can see that the (I have five Homescreens) Overview for the Homescreens appear (well animated). But the phone react very slowly. 2) If I press the "Screen Off" Button and wait a bit, I can se the Homecreen. And the Homescreen reacts slowly. All reacts and works slowly. But it works..... When I then try to pull the Notification Bar down, nothing happens.... Remind: I have done a full wipe last time I flashed the Fr16.... I dont know, but it seems that Im the only one who have this issue... So, whats to do? Try Fr17? I dont want to do all the Settings, Ringtones etc. every and every time again.... For some ideas I'll be happy :P Thank ya!
  6. .... EDIT: I rebake a new one and try again...... EDIT 2: Now I have flashed the rebake and also done a full wipe..... NOW ALL WORKS FINE! Its curious... But so much releases without full wipe... Should be time for :unsure:
  7. BUG in Fr16: If I pull down the Notification Bar, it will hang in foreground all the Time... Phone reacts interupted, but it reacts (in Background). reflash: same again Back to Fr15: smooth an functionally :unsure:
  8. Hmmmm.... I have a Question to Paul... Paul... the Stock Battery Icon is so boring, you are able to make a (or two) new Checkbox(es) in the Kitchen for the two known Mods... So, do you wanna do this for us PLEASE?!?! It will be great and halfnoobs like me doesent have to be afraid of unwanted crashs or other infuntionality if we add "old" versions of the mods.... Again: PLEASE do it for us :mellow: Äh, did I said PLEASE? Ah, yeah, PLEASE MAN! :D EDIT: And something other, would it be possible that we can get the Controlbar (without Music). I think the Controlbar is nice an helps to safe Place on the Screen :o
  9. paul, there must be something wrong in r1. if i use beta3 to flash roms from you, all will be fine. if i use r1 - everytime a flash results in a bootloop... crazy stuff...
  10. r1 doesnt work for me...?! all MCRs ill flash gonna into bootloop. i didnt have a beta 3 any longer, could someone reup this version that i can verify this issue plz?
  11. space79

    29 Mar: 2 must have apps for the 2X

    the other app would not work properly for me. once a time it notificated me (and i checked the income), it doesent stops "notify" me.... :D paul, please.... pimp up the existing app or make a second additional, i'll buy it also ^^
  12. is the new one (r1) ok for EXT4? EDIT: "Yes, of course! P" THANK YA!
  13. space79

    29 Mar: 2 must have apps for the 2X

    @paul, i have an idea for "the notification function"... should be made easily for you, i think... in fact that you can control the brightness of the "touchbar", it will be cool if the touchbar will pulsate (i dont know the correct word for this, so i will explain it shortly: from 0µA (off) in small steps in short time to a max from (ex) 1000µA and then back to 0µA). and this for every x seconds until the message is read / the call is "confirmed". best would be if you could make three settings in the app for "pulsate speed", "delay between pulsate" and "maximal brightness". if you can do this, i'll also buy this app :D

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