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  1. hello! i have a little problem,the only one with this rom i think :P when phone is idle wifi seems not to working properly ..i have checked the option that wifi never sleeps,but doesnt seem to work.. it seems to wake up every five minutes,and this is a little annoying because im using WhatsApp all the time... thanks!
  2. goodmorning!thanks ill follow your guide... but its strange for me..i downloaded only 6 apps facebook yahoo.whatsapp viber...nothing more and i transfer them to sd card...thats why i cannot understand maybe if i use a largrer partition?like gen 2 200MB? thanks again!
  3. not enough space on the partition try changing the target hosts file in preferences to/data/data/hosts link https://dl.dropbox.com/u/81953643/Screenshot_2012-12-14-02-18-33.png
  4. i have more than 60 internal free space but i cant install AdAway....any thought?
  5. everything gone ok :) one thing..i cant find how to disable auto sync
  6. hello!! i was gen 1 but now im gen 2 i must use Gen 2 v2a tpt? or sometihing else?
  7. nice!!!i thought i must install a 210 partition to run the rom more smoothly ,but ok also i remember that ics needed 210 partition,am i wrong?
  8. hello!nice to meet blade community again :) i little help please we put the tpt g2 stock zip on sd we put the latest cm10 on sd we put the latest gapps on sd install tpt via pressing power+volume up + home button install cm10 via recovery install gapps via recovery reboot,and enjoy? or i missed something? thanks alot :)
  9. love it!when you think it will be available to buy without contract?
  10. thanks for it!nice way to do this!
  11. im sorry i didnt understand.what does that mode does exactly? it will increase the loudness of fm radio or mp3 player?
  12. hello.noticed a bug with battery.after sleeping 8-10 hours.i see the cpu spy app,that the phone was in deep sleep only 4-5 hours and in 245 the rest.what does it happened?
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