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  1. mxbob

    Nexus 7

    Ive ordered on It was actually the 7” size that sold it to me I find the vega a bit big to hold for long surfing sessions and too big to easily slip into a bag/pocket for when im out and about I tend to use my vega most stood up (the vega not me) on a stand Im intending to use the nexus for in handheld surfing and as a media consumption device when im out and about No micro sd isn’t an issue to me I guess it would be nice but when at home all media will be played from a NAS (as it is on my vega) and its not often im away from a computer long that the internal storage wont have enough on to keep me entertained Will also be nice to have a tegra device that is recognized properly by google play as ive had plenty of problems with apps which should run fine not being available as the market doesn’t believe they are compatible
  2. what makes you think its the rom which is causing these issues? flash itself is well known for being badly optimised for mobile platforms and ive always put these problems down more to the flash app than the rom im running i also think that iplayer itself has a few issues as i have similar problems to the ones you mention (not so much the jerky stuff but the audio going out of sync which incidently is usually solved by pausing and pressing play again) which i do not have with other flash sites and videos my best advice to you would be to try different versions of the flash app from memory one of the first tegra optimised ones worked pretty much flawlessly for me (im pretty sure i found it via a link from this forum) and i think the more recent ones have been slightly less reliable
  3. mxbob

    Whats wrong with vegacombe/honey ice WIFI?

    <br /><br /><br /> yes ive tried adding the wifi from scratch rather than just adding the password and connecting and i always get the same results no matter how i try and add it i think the version of VC i have is with the updates included so it may be worth trying to download an earlier version of VC to update to HI
  4. mxbob

    Whats wrong with vegacombe/honey ice WIFI?

    i cant get wifi working at all with honeyice works fine with vegacomb (build 9 latest update) once connected (but i always have to put my password in then resest the router for it to connect first time i run it after installing vegacomb) but no matter what i do it wont connect in honeyice ive tried just upgrading from vegacomb (with and without the three wipes) and even reflashing all the way back to modded stock and reinstalling) but honeyice will never connect to wifi i always either just get "scanning" and it goes no further or "connecting" then "disconnected" constantly
  5. mxbob

    vega sound

    <br /><br /><br /> there are a few eq apps on the market (some free) found tweakign the levels can get a bit more out of the internal speakers the obvious answer is as IanTurner said just add an external speaker
  6. mxbob

    CIFS Manager

    im 99% sure this is possible im sure i did it myself when i first started using cifs manager (these days i just mount the root directory of the nas rather than any specific folders in it) are you sure you arnt just missing a "/"? as in will have at my settings when i get home an see if i can work it out but im sure its possible
  7. mxbob

    Vega Comb 3.2 MTP Problem

    <br /><br /><br /> you need to make it a little clearer what your problem actually is is your vega actually not booting past where vegacomb "explodes as such on the screen"? what is it you are trying to do? re-install vegacomb? when you say you have tried recovery do you mean reboot to recovery via the power menu? im not sure what the MTP bit you are referring to is about do you mean you are tryign to reflash via your pc? the correct drivers should presumably be already installed (how else woudl you have put the modded stock on when you first upgraded to vegacomb?) ask more specific question or specify what it is you are trying to solve/achieve and we will do our best to help
  8. mxbob

    Vegacomb 3.2 Update 3 Vs Honey Ice

    do they all still fc the browser if you use flash?that was the only major issue i had with the vegacomb roms real shame as i love the stock honeycomb browser apart from the fc's
  9. mxbob

    Advent Vega Memory

    yeah for some reason the reboot to recovery doesnt work in vegacomb so instead use power button menu to reboot to recovery and when it has rebooted (and failed to reboot into clockwork mod) hold down the power button till it switches off and when you power on again clockwork mod will load
  10. mxbob

    Advent Vega Memory

    the no menu in recovery is a known vegcomb bug hold down power from there and reboot and clockwork will load
  11. mxbob

    Help, stuck in boot loop

    by flashing it back to modded stock as he says....
  12. mxbob

    [GUIDE] Wireless pc to vega file transfer

    can also be doen very simply with a app from the market called pc file sync with pc file sync you dont have to install any software on your pc
  13. mxbob

    Touchscreen problems with vegacomb

    <br /><br /><br /> i found the installation to be incredibly easy and i certainyl aint no rocket scientist im sure more than a few members here would have talked you through it at no cost 99% of the issues you mentioned are known bugs and you might want to think about registering (its free)on the site with the bug list as thats the site the developers of the rom use (also where the installation instructions are which may explain a lot about you struggling to install it) only issue you have mentioned that doesnt sound like a known bug is the "robot turkey" alarm i know for a fact that when i power down my vega powers down no battery drain and certainly no alarms im almost sorry for asking this..... (almost but not) but you are certain you shut it down right? not just switched it into sleep mode with the screen off? only way i can think off that your alarm thing might be happening but you woudl have to be real stupid to have made that mistake......
  14. <br /><br /><br /> pretty sure its just a bog standard usb cable should be no hassle findign a replacement
  15. mxbob

    Cifs.ko Needed for Advent Vega!!!

    <br /><br /><br /> i have no ideda what a Cifs.Ko file is but i can confirm i can mount shares using cifsmanager on vegacomb (latest version i forget what that is)

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