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  1. Yes, go figure. So much drama in my story. So ordered from dialaphone on Orange on Sunday. Monday I get a reply saying that Orange denied me on credit check... Reordered Monday on O2, essentially the same deal but with unlimited wifi. Got some more credit issues (no idea why). They delivered the phone today. Today, TMobile call to offer the same phone, for free for £25 a month, 900 minutes (don't care about that many minutes), unlimited Internet and free booster. O2 is £30 pm with £135 by redemption and £40 by quidco for cashback so about £55 cheaper over 2 years. Options: 1) Move to O2 but have to still deal with dialaphone (who have been ok so far). Save £55 over 2 years, lose TMobile "loyalty goodwill", and have to bother filling out redemption forms. 2) Stick with TMobile, get unlimited internet instead of 500mb (do I really need more than 500?), get a flexible booster, keep "goodwill". cheers
  2. Ok, ordered from Dialaphone, which apparently is owned by Phones4U, don't know if that's a good thing or not. I started with TMobile on WebnWalk 100, with 40mb of web allowance and 100 minutes and a TMobile branded HTC Magician. Think it was about £15pm. Installed a fancy keyboard layout. Negotiated hard to get the Vario3, then negotiated again to get the £18.50 contract, but this time they just weren't interested. Thanks for sharing your tips.
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the tips. I'll get this phone then. Do I need to get a screen protector? I already spoke to TMobile last night, the guy said I had to pay £40 and I said it's cheaper on Orange and Phones4U and asked him to give me my PAC and he just gave it to me. I was expecting a bit of a give-and-take to get the price down, but he said if I want a "premium phone" I have to pay at least £30 a month for the vanilla Desire. I was on £18.50 and they took away my loyalty discount at the end of my 18 month contract (that doesn't make sense). cheers
  4. Hi, 2 questions please. 1) How is the DHD to use? Is it awkward annoying because it's too big or is it ok? I used to have a Vario 3. 2) Dialaphone.co.uk seem to have a decent deal on Orange for £25pm. Been on TMobile for 5 years, they want to charge me £40 a month, big jokes. Anyone had any experience with dialaphone? cheers for any thoughts
  5. I'm thinking of getting this: http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/4-/3358...html?dpr=104024 Anyone have any thoughts? cheers.
  6. Paid £100 upgrade and moved up to £27.50 a month Flext 20 + WnW
  7. Got a £30 postal order yesterday. Thanks Modaco/M:Metrics, good stuff!
  8. Does the latest MDA Compact ROM still have MSN Messenger? Because mine came with MSN Messenger and I've been using it fine on WnW since November (when it was still 40mb a month).
  9. Hey, Where can I get a car/cigar lighter adapter in the UK for the MDA Compact without spending
  10. Hi, I've got an MDA Compact, I installed the netfront browser, then uninstalled it, and now I can't open links directly from MSN Messenger or from emails, because it's trying to find netfront. Any idea on how I can restore the association to Internet Explorer? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your reply. What's the procedure for porting over the number on O2?
  12. Thanks, I'm leaving my current address on the 23rd, so would like to have it before then, it wouldn't be dramatic if I missed it, but it would make things easier. Please see the note for my address, it's not a UK address as paypal wants me to specify. Strip off the Avon United Kingdom bit please. Thanks.
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