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  1. hi ipaq after i followed the kexec instructions the phone hangs every time i choose reboot , any ideas??
  2. you need to raise the minimum cpu freq to 166 MHz , use "setcpu" it worked for me
  3. ipaq, could you provide just one more falvour (666 CPU /166 AHB /24bpp /128 RAM) to avoid white squares and still have zram benefits ???
  4. /666-166/ 144 RAM/24 bpp/ review: - colors are brilliant - screen flickering has gone by setting min freq to 166 MHz usin setcpu (init.rc line with 266000 value didn.t work for me) - usb driver (mass storage) is good (the original kernel wasn't working for me usually) - UI generally is well responsive. - games: (drag racing) is horribly slow (although it went fast for only one race) (defender) is still playable but with white background some times) thats for now. and thanks to ipaq and all devs. BTW how could i try the (kexec) binary?
  5. hey ipaq, about the (zram) script, can i put it in (sh file) and put it an (system/etc/init.d) folder???
  6. you should download modules: d8a036f-kmod.zip and any kernel (zImage) you choose.
  7. oh it's my mistake, i wrote it as i remembered, thank you
  8. should we comment /insmod dpram.ko/ in init.rc in order to boot successfully?
  9. hello every body i have a question! while i was browsing the kernel change set i found that the reserved memory configuration is some how mysterious like following: #define DRAM_END_ADDR (UL(0x65000000)) #define RESERVED_PMEM_END_ADDR (DRAM_END_ADDR) . #define RESERVED_G3D (63 * 1024 * 1024) . #define RESERVED_PMEM (16 * 1024 * 1024) . #define G3D_RESERVED_START (RESERVED_PMEM_END_ADDR - RESERVED_G3D) //0x6500 0000-0x03F0 0000=0x6110 0000 #define RESERVED_PMEM_START (G3D_RESERVED_START - RESERVED_PMEM) //0x6110 00000-0x0100 0000=0x0x6010 0000 #define PHYS_UNRESERVED_SIZE (RESERVED_PMEM_START - UL(0x60000000)) //0x6010 0000-0x6000 0000=0x0010 0000 =1 M ... so shouldn't we do some changes ... just wondering cheers
  10. hello Voyteckst i want to ask you something i think if you could provide us an option of RAM configuration like in froyo beta 2 (i miss the 70 MB free), perhaps a modified kernel i guess, i know that the current configuration is better for 3d but it reduces the overall performance execuse me and thank you and BTW autobrightness isn't working on cyanogenmod (i did a fresh install on my storage twice) thanks in advance
  11. hi guys my cyanogenmod has a problem that is the auto brightness is not working,'it's not present in settings' any help?
  12. first of all i'd like to say thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks to every developer spent his time to bring this to us>>>> :-) my experience: - installed on internal storage. - best performance till now. - best graphic performance till now. - arabic problem solved. :-) ;-) - wifi didn't work at first but it worked later , i didn't know the reason just 'unable to scan'. - i missed old lock screen look and fonts :-s. i wonder what is remaining to be the stable release
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