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  1. Hi I am trying to use "Android File Transfer" to transfer files between my Xoom and my Mac PPC running OSX 10.5. It seems to work and load, but when the page opens, it closes straight away. My Xoom is a UK version Wifi only, 3.2.1, running [ROM] Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.2.2 - Moray [9/10/11]. I followed the instructions given on the Motorola pages. How do others Mac users transfer their files from Xoom to Mac? Any restrictions with Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.2.2 - Moray? Thanks Thomas
  2. I went to a Virgin shop. The guy did not know if it would work. So he asked one of the girl there if we could use her S2 as a hotspot with my Xoom. It did say connected , but they could not communicate. So, I am still uncertain to get a GS2. T.
  3. Good news. Did you have to root your GS2 to use hotspots? Or does the stock Rom suffice? Thanks T.
  4. Hi I have a Moto Xoom WiFi and would like to use it from time to time with my phone . The idea is to take an offer from Virgin Mobile UK for a Galaxy S2 and use it as a Hotspot for my Xoom. Would any UK users out there know if Virgin allows it before I engage myself for two years? Thanks T.
  5. Hi Can you remember the dealer who sell them. I want a cover case but £35 form PCWorld is steep for what it is. Thanks T.
  6. Hi All I purchased my Xoom yesterday. I exchanged it from a Advent Vega. I had a full 16Gb sd-card which I want to use with the Xoom. It does recognize it. But my problem starts when I want to update the sd-card. My Xoom won't mount on my Powerbook using OSX 10.4. Is there anyway to enable USB slave mode. The Xoom comes with one usb cable. I know there is an app Tranfer Files, but it requires OSX 10.5, which my Powerbook wont be able to sustain. Only a 1.3 Ghz. If not, I will have to depart with the Xoom. I was wondering if the Slave/Host app created by Corvus for the Vega could work. Someone mentioned that it does work with other products like phones. I tried but not working. Maybe the Xoom should be rooted. Thanks T.
  7. It did come back with the same faults. Therefore the manager agreed to refund it after four months and after giving him 130, I was a happy bunny with a brand new Xoom. So thank you very much for all your help with my Vega. It had been fun. Thomas.
  8. Hi I am about to pick up my Vega back from PCWorld. It's been working fine apart the battery fast drain, some problem with the screen, specially with the unlock, and the power button. So, the manager asked me yesterday if I wanted to change tablet. Thinking about it, I mostly wanted a Xoom but the price stopped me at the time, plus the lack of usb and sd card. But with HC 3.1 update and 3.2 coming soon [could use the 3.2 US version], it rectified all this "nibbles". Now the price of the Xoom being at £330, is it a good idea to buy it? I played with it yesterday, and I must say, the screen is really better. Worth £130? Oh, speaking to the manager, in compensation, I could still get the July offer of a free wireless keyboard and mice. Google owing Motorola, the updates should come faster now. Your view on this would be really welcome. PS: the Asus Eee does not do it for me. T.
  9. Al, it was the desktop option which I changed for whatever reason when I re-installed VC 3.2 7. All working now. Thanks again. T.
  10. Flash 10.3 is installed. I use AWD as launcher. I would be really grateful if you could indeed. Thanks. T.
  11. When I click on Play, the screen lights up and goes back to Play. Rather strange. Happens on Dolphin and Miren Like I mention in a previous message, I have increased the text to large in browsers and gmail. Still, the rest remains small. I do not despair, I am finding a solution :) Still, I intend to find a solution to the iplayer.
  12. BBC iplayer Small text 127 Screen The top of the screen is working now in Market and Gmail. Good. But now the keyboard has some lag. No good :-) In 7, the BBC I player does not work anymore in Dolphin 6 and Miren. Any ideas to fix that, apart using Opera? I have found at last an editable large Pictures Frame. Works wonderfully. Still bothered by the small text in launcher and browsers.. At 127, it is still to small. Thanks. T.
  13. Screen wise, when in Market, when trying to do a search, I have to find the sweet spot to activate the search, so the top border has some issues with touch. Another quest for finding a Photo Frame app which can be edited in size. I tried few, without success. Even in ADW, I can only increase the size by a little margin, not like in Corvus5. Thanks T.
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