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  1. Roph

    HTC One X+ Review

    No MicroSD = Instant failure. Sense = Instant failure. "Beats" = Instant embarassment.
  2. Why do you or anyone want to use S2E when Link2SD exists? Link2SD does exactly the same thing, but lets you pick and choose what you move. So I can put the entirety (including cache) of an app I rarely use on te SD, but at the same time keep something like my browser or keyboard entirely on internal storage. S2E is an all or nothing solution. Why use it?
  3. Qualcomm has said that they won't release the needed code/drivers. It's not going to happen.
  4. Mapdroyd. It's what I use, and it's very smooth on my blade :)
  5. How about you actually try reading the topics?
  6. It's just luck of the binning draw as to how good a chip you get. The MSM7227 runs at 800Mhz stock (a so called turbo) in the ZTE Skate. I don't have any problems at 768Mhz. My buddy's san fran will reboot if he runs it that fast though. 768 is stable for me, but I've had random reboots at 787 Mhz, and the phone can also get mighty warm. I use smartassv2 as my CPU governor.
  7. Or install Solid Explorer from the market. Definitely the best file manager :)
  8. Assuming it's been used since it was first bought in late 2010, OLED wear must already be pretty noticeable. Coupled with the fact that it's both low resolution AND pentile, I'm not sure what the benefit or "speciality" of an OLED blade is. £30 seems about right. You can pick up brand new 4" Huawei G300s with a 1Ghz ARMv7 MSM7227A for £45 from tesco with grocery deals, £60 without.
  9. So it's basically a G300 with a lower colour depth screen and no flash. And, in my opinion, a bit uglier. Eh.
  10. We don't have OpenMAX (media encoding / decoding libraries) for ICS, and qualcomm is an asshole and won't release them. For made up, bullshit reasons. So we're stuck with subpar media recording and play back. You gotta live with it. If recording high(er) quality video is important to you, stick to gingerbread.
  11. That happens to me if I do it very soon after coming out of a heavy app or immediately after the lock screen. I guess it takes the phone a sec to populate that stuff in memory. I just pull it down again and everything is there. And to Konstat, thanks for the possibly final update. Applied without any problems. I'll be sticking with this until Link2SD is working properly on CM10, then it's off to your build there :)
  12. Not really looking for an argument, but I'm not sure why you'd say S2E is superior to Link2SD. For example, I'd happily link an app or some games I rarely use (including dex files) to the SD partition to save some space, but keep my keyboard, music player and browser entirely on the internal memory since I use them frequently and want them to load faster. S2E is a blanket all or nothing approach :(
  13. Can anyone confirm if Link2SD is working? specifically Link2SD, S2E doesn't allow you to pick and choose which apps you link which is terrible.
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