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  1. New kernel frozen on the bootscreen. Busybox installed. Stock 2.3.6 PS sorry, i downloaded version for CM. PPS true version works fine
  2. Nice beginning but i think that the GPU has enough capacity.
  3. Flashed the latest version, works fine but charging stop at 70%. After reboot it shows 99%.
  4. Davide make please separately kernel with 5% baterry step.
  5. I can't flash it. Recovery wrote : not signature 7 files, verification failed.
  6. Can you make the zip file for flashing via recovery? Or it's impossible for gingerbread?
  7. No you need not remove the AmonRa recovery.
  8. I use Kingston 8Gb Class 6 and i haven't troubles with it
  9. If you don't use setcpu the frequency will changing from 133 to 1017 Mhz ondemand.
  10. davidevinavil, can you change the boot image with white background and green droid? I can draw a new image and send it for you.
  11. I use setcpu but I want that my phone work at 1017 MHz without setcpu. Its not in essence but I think that its better.
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