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  1. Mine died over night when on standby, battery was nearly full before I went bed, does it have an issue with being on standby on honeycomb? The install was very smooth and its awesome to use.
  2. I'm going to live in Canada, and want to take my Vega of course, can anyone tell me where to get an adapter for the power supply? As I notice that it seems to have a changeable one? If not, can I just use a normal travel adapter? Thanks!
  3. adfo


    Cheers, downloaded and installed that, gonna try it at work sometime!
  4. adfo


    How do we use titanium on a vega when there is no menu button to bring up the options about backing up or restoring?
  5. Think I got it, had to look at for something called APX in device manager and update that with the usb drivers, now flashing it.
  6. How did you do this? I downloaded the execute from the advent site, but it says it cannot find the device to flash? I assume because I cannot get it into recovery mode.
  7. adfo


    At work I need to connect via a proxy, downloaded an app from the market place last night, can anyone tell me of a good one to use that is free?
  8. adfo

    USB drive?

    Wait, found the answer, just had to change it to host mode, rebooted now and it works.
  9. adfo

    USB drive?

    Can I use a usb flash drive in my device? I tried plugging one in, and nothing, just wondered if I had to do something first, or have it in a certain format (fat 32 or ntfs etc?)
  10. Okay, so, got a solution I think, In the Run dialog box, type hdwwiz. Then select those usb drivers from this download, and it should install it, I had to do it a few times as it said it wouldn't start, but its doing the update from here as I type this.
  11. Getting the same as that user now. I went to the device properties via down near the clock, and went to update it, it said I already had the most up to date drivers, still, the same thing when I run the installer from cmd. Does it not work with 64 bit windows 7?
  12. I just got one and read about this mod beforehand, but I am completely lost, I cannot find it in device manager at all. I am also trying to make sure I have the latest version from myadvent as the video says, but I follow their instructions to install it, but its an exe instead of a zip, and it won't find it.
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