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  1. Anyone else finding Google maps is causing a lot of wake locks and battery drain with this ROM? Struggling to last a day atm
  2. CM9 is by far the best ROM available at the moment, the smoothness and UI speed is unmatched. Just make a nadroid back up & flash it and try, you will not be disappointed. Stock based rom devs did the best they could with huawei's ICS monstrosity, and full credit to them for their efforts, but CM9 is unrivalled until CM10 comes along.
  3. Just try it, if you end up with no launcher just flash the ROM again without wipe and hey presto it's back! But if you're not using a launcher its not using any resources. I've had 3-4 installer at once in the past and not noticed.
  4. Try Lighflow on the play store, works perfectly. One of the features I've wanted for so long is to disable the led on charge, so pleased it's part of CM9. The ROM is great, so smooth and enjoyable to use, unlike stock based ICS ROMS which give me a headache from the crashing and hanging. Keep up the good work, very much appreciated!
  5. Whenever I try this, I get the message update failed 1/3 of the way through on step 2/2. Anyone any ideas? Currently on gingerbread trying to get a stock install (baseband 109808)
  6. Trying to install the 20.56mb update U8815_Vodafone_B895but I get the following message after rebooting: any ideas?
  7. But seriously, I thought it was too slippery a first, but you get use to it quick. Not dropped it yet.
  8. Had you returned it to get a new one? If so how long did it all take?
  9. Just been playing with CM10 on my old blade, and can not wait until it becomes a daily for the G300. Keep up he great work Daz!
  10. Agree with you on this one, would be better is 180 degree rotating was disabled.
  11. I'm using Coldfusion at the moment, and get pocket reboots too at the same place when walking to work. Funnily enough it is also near train tracks, but I wonder if it's more likely to do with a mobile network tower. Wouldn't know how to find out why it reboots really.
  12. I too suffer from the low sound quality. The amount of times I have heard to words 'what' and pardon this last week has tripled lol. Was gonna try the dualmic build prop trick, but couldn't see it listed in infusions build.prop. EDIT: Does anyone know where the microphones gain/volume is set? Is it deep level stuff or in the ROM?
  13. I agree with you on this one. The bold font, on say facebook names, doesn't look 'right'. It looks uneven and almost like a handwriting style font. It is really noticeable at first when move to the ROM, but I have got use to it now. Apart from the poor scrolling due to lack of HW acc. I really am enjoying this ROM. Thank you very much.
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