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  1. Thanks for that. Seems to be working properly now after a hard reset. How long till there is an update for Windows Phone 8? Music is working now. But now copied a folder of pictures to the SD card put card into phone and getting duplicate copies of each picture in each folder. I have read on another forum that Microsoft know about this and it is a known issue. Apart from that the phone is working now.
  2. Last night turned off the phone. Turned on the phone today when woke up but it had a little airplane in the top left screen corner. Apparently it's in flight mode. I never put it in flight mode before I turned it off. Turned off the phone then it seemd to be bricked and wouldn't turn on. Remove the battery and now it works again. It's been driving me crazy all week. Only purchased it on Sunday. The first problem was transferring music to the phone on the SD Card. It would freeze up part way through file transfers.. Swapped the SD Card for one that is faster and now it seems to be working. Did I get a dud phone?
  3. I just want to know why some applications will install fine and others just won't.. Some of my old games installed fine in 2.2 but one or two gave problems installing, I find that hard to believe considering al these tablets are the same there should be no problems like this. As an example the old game Angry Birds downloads fine, even tries to install but then some stupid error about not being able to install to USB or SD card. Every single time I try. I don't have link2SD or any of those kind of apps either
  4. Good news is that I got 2.2 to work. Bad news is when I tried to install games I had problems it wouldn't let me install Angry Birds Kept saying "could not install to USB or SD Card" I thought it didn't do that by default
  5. What do you mean Market is already there when you do the 2.2 upgrade...... Market is also already there when you roll back to a previous Rom. There's nothing to install. What I want to find out is that if I do go back to my old setup can I backup all my passwords and stuff then do the 2.2 upgrade and put all that back
  6. Was there a way to backup all your user settings and passwords from before. I am thinking of rolling back to my previous rom because I can no longer access the android market place and google is useless for retrieving passwords it just keeps going around in circles
  7. ..... OK got 2.2 on but having problems logging into optus My Account it won't accept my previous login And the android marketplace is a bust for the same reason Was there a way to backup all the user settings / passwords from before as if there is I'll just reload my old system and do that. Now I think I've lost tons of stuff that previously downloaded and paid money for. This totally sucks.. So is there a way to do this at all?
  8. Just tried what you suggested and my tab loops through twice then opens ClockworkMod...... First off is there a way to remove clockwork mod
  9. I'm at a loss too...... Maybe I'll just buy another Tab and try this with one out of the box .. I have both the retail update and the modified one so I'll try both. I'm not one to persist and keep trying and this is doing my head in as I normally can work these things out with little fuss. Have also posted on whirlpool and seeing what info I can get there.
  10. Windows 7 and I have tried all that... No FTM on the screen and could that be caused by clockwork being on there? When I try to get FTM on the screen I get the green android then the bit for clockworkmod keeps recurring
  11. I did all that but when I ran the Sales exe it asked for a file called RecordCSV.sdi Also I can't get FTM mode as I have clockworkmod on there. How do I get rid of that
  12. I got that unzipped it but how do I do the upgrade? There are two .exe files ......
  13. That link does not work for me..... It's also been copied on whirlpool and I want that zip file
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