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  1. hey guys. just performed my first custom rom install following the instructions in this thread. first: use mr pigfish... that way you'll know if this thread is for you. second: i too experienced the "unrecognized recovery file", turns out it still worked. rebooted my phone holding volume - down, and got to clockwork. i used the latest recovery manager (37b), and i'm now running cm 10.1 not really experiencing any lag or so... not more than stock rom 2.2
  2. hey guys, im new here, been lurking for a couple of days (was waiting for my blade) and now it came, so i figured i might register. on topic: bought my blade from comviq (swedish operator), on their site they claim that the blade they sell has android 2.2, but reading a bit further it says that it has 2.1. so in this confusion i emailed comviq, asking which is true. they referred me to another company who's providing comviq with phones. this company then replied that the blades being sold are using 2.1 (and that it's clearly stated on the website, bs). when i recieved the phone i checked the version, and it clearly says 2.2. ... ... so, my blade has froyo? and more importantly (the reason why i posted this): would you guys be interested in receiving a european 2.2? edit, yea. .. first post, first mistake. read another thread dated yesterday. seems you already have (or soon will have) a 2.2 dump.
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