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  1. and yeah its like if i press "h" on the keyboard it would press "A" its very off touch.
  2. yeah maybe i might have to change the digitizer... how much do they cost anyway?
  3. Hi guys, i've had my zte racer for 2 full years now and after a lot of modding and stuff my racer is at its end. my touchscreen is way off response so i went back to the stock rom to try and calibrate it.. the calibration works but the touch screen is still way off. can you help me? i can hardly text or make a phone call. help please.
  4. a sexy one..... lol (dsnt matter) just a nice and easy to use theme xd
  5. nice work.... can anyone find me a very sexy looking and easy to use theme to go with your awesome rom?(it will be a very nice birthday present to me..lol)
  6. hi guys ... i have found a buggy issue with the latest lewa rom.... yesterday when i tried to top up my phone.... then dial pad numbers at the bottom did not work.. lovely rom tho
  7. HI Racerboy, i was just wondering if it was just me or that the b02 reworked rom isnt downloading off your website? because i wanted to downmload it and it didnt download
  8. nice work.... hey iv had my racer for like 2/3 years now, iv heard that the touchscreen gets worse and worse the more you use it? is this true?
  9. i downloaded the beta and will also download full rom when fixed...... i luv ur roms....=) beta has just a few screen issues like size and that.... i was just wondering if i installed lcd density then i could change the resolution of the phone itself would the widgets fit better?
  10. hey nice tut.... is there a way of replacing with a capacitive touch?
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