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  1. Thank you for the reply, Ejtagle, The Lulzactoveq governor is not a priority in any way. We are doing fine with Interactive. Bluetooth is indeed something a lot of people need (not me) and also the question of the Vega/PoV not managing to go into deep sleep, as it means the battery is drained rapidly while the tablet appears to be asleep.
  2. Hi, Ejtagle, This refers to another problem with hte Vega and PoV tablets and Scanno's CM10.1 Alpha 9d rom. The Lulzactoveq governor that you kindly provided is causing the tablets to go into SoD. I would post a log, it I knew when to take it. With Interactive or Ondemand there is no problem with waking up the tablet with either the Power of Volume buttons. Also, using CPU Spy shows that the when sleeping the tablet does not really enter deep sleep and continues to use a lot of battery charge. Any ideas or assistance?
  3. You have to choose - latest rom, or OC. If overclocking is what you want, you can use Corvus, which I tihnk overclocks to 1.5. HoneyIce Chimera I think overclocks to 1.2. But if you want Jelly Bean, you have to use VegaBean Beta 6 without overclocking. The reasons were explained by ejtagle and Cass67.
  4. Thank you, Ejtagle, for the reply and advice. I do not use any type of 3G modem with my Vega, so presumably I just need to add "stop ril daemon"?
  5. DerArtem, you should have been supplied with a full USB A to Full USB A cable with your tablet. If you do not have one you can get it on ebay or from a good computer shop.
  6. Hi, Ejtagle, Do you know if one needs to disable ril in Beta 6 on a Vega without an inbuilt modem. I get a message "sim changed" when I boot up the Vega, although there is no modem and no sim installed. I am wondering if the OS is continuiously trying to find the modem/sim and that explains the high battery usage?
  7. Stane 1983 (wow! your birth year?) I get the feeling everyone has gone away from this thread and switched off the light! Last Ejtangle post is 08.10!
  8. To add some detail to Ejtagle's answer you need to repartition your SD card to contain a Ext4 partition (at least 1GB), you do not need a swap partition. After you have done this repartitioning, then transfer the Beta3-1 zip file to it and re-flash the rom. (You will loose all data on the Sd card when you re-partition it, so save everything you need on your PC before you re-format your card).
  9. Hi,Ejtagle, I have not had any trouble partitioning my 16GB SD cards with CWM - worked each time and has not given any problems. I assume that the slower opening of apps is not a result of my partitioning using CWM.
  10. I love the picture of you holding the Vega to your ear, as you walk along the street! (I know you do not, but you may have picked up that I like my little jokes).
  11. Maybe it would be better if it worked "as desired", rather than "as expected"? :)
  12. No, lock screen is stable in Vegabean Beta 1. Earlier on Scanno had problems with the image shifting down in portrait orientation, but this has been sorted out now.
  13. Brucelee666, Apologize to you and Scanno for the false alarm about the Skype picture. At the second attempt of operating Skype video call between two devices the video link worked both ways with picture and sound.
  14. You get the half screen problem also in IO File Manager (but here it first goes full screen, then changes to half screen), Gmail, Browser.
  15. Scanno, if you extract the Flash 11 apk using Apk Extractor while using ICS, you can then install it on a Vegabean tablet. Works perfectly. If you do not want to flash back to Vegacream, I can upload the apk for you.
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