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  1. Hi, thanks for the great ROM. I've been shuffling around with KonstaT's ROMS for a while now and am just loving the speed/stability of this one. Just noticed one thing today, and am wondering if it's just me, or a problem with the ROM/camera... For the activation of a certain app, I needed to scan a QR code. But he wouldn't scan it. He did focus ok, like he did the last time I used it (Swedish Snow was the last time I used the barcode scanner I think); but didn't recognise a QR code. Same thing with barcodes. This was with the internal barcode scanner from the app; aswell as the Barcode Scanner app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.zxing.client.android ). Could someone test it out, scanning either a barcode or a QR code. I just want to know if it's a general problem or if I need to troubleshoot it myself :)
  2. *shameless bump* Noone else with the same problem, or a possible solution?
  3. Hey, quick question (I've scanned the thread but didn't come across anyone with the same problem): I've updated to the newest version 2 days ago (full whipe, as always) and am having the following annoying issue: Whenever my gps pops on (foursquare, navigation, traffic app, ...) my mobile data goes haywire. It still shows the H-icon for HSDPA but the reception indicator goes white instead of blue (no contact with google servers) and just stays that way. The only way to get data back is switching to 2G and back to 3G. But when I'm in a low coverage zone with only 2G I have a problem. I can't switch to 3G (not available) and putting it in flight mode for a couple of seconds also does nothing. Only thing that works at that time is a reboot... So, did anyone else experience this, and have a possible fix?
  4. Seemed to be an Audiogalaxy problem, their support team fixed it. I asked for a bit more info, will update this post if I get it (for future reference/troubleshooting) [edit]To quote the Audiogalaxy people: "It was a problem on our end."...
  5. Hi, all, I've been using KonstaT's roms for a while now, currently running Swedish Snow rls6 on the phone I'm having the problem with. I'm currently looking into audio-streaming apps and stumbled upon Audiogalaxy (since my subsonic free license expired) and I'm having the following problem: the app keeps telling me it can't connect to the audiogalaxy servers. This seems to be a quite common problem since audiogalaxy has been listed in some ad-block apps. But I checked my hosts-file and it isn't in there. I can also resolver the (correct) IP for audiogalaxy.com & www.audiogalaxy.com (tested by pinging in terminal emulator). I can also surf to audiogalaxy.com from the browser. Yet the app won't connect. Anyone got any ideas where I should look? As far as I know AdFree just edits the hosts file, and that doesn't seem to be the problem...
  6. Damn, silly me, you can slap me across the head for noticing it so late. CPU Spy (my last pic) indicates it very nicely: no deep sleep :s So, I think I found the culprit but I'm not sure, I'll have to do a bit more testing. It was indeed an app, Yahoo! Mail app was polling data almost constantly, thus preventing deep sleep, thus keeping the system alive and making it a power hog. It was a bitch to diagnose since almost every app showed the android system & phone idle as the top battery consumers (wich was the symptom of no deep sleep, not the cause). If anyone else finds themselves in the same situation: I used PowerTutor (free app in the market) and filtered on 3g usage only, this clearly showed me Yahoo! Mail was the culprit. I've been up for half an hour now, deinstalled the app and it is deep sleeping again but I'll keep you posted when I'm sure.
  7. Well, the 60% drop was due to faulty stats I think, if you look at the 1st screenshot with the Battery Stats Pro app you see a steady decrease in battery (the circle battery thingt in the notification area follows the BSP app, the built-in graph was a bit off). I'll give it a couple of days, but the stats aren't really what's bothering me, the fact that I only had 10 hrs before it was completely drained does bother me. I'll start with a clean slate in a couple of days if it keeps draining so fast. I'll whipe, reflash and just install the basics. Then I'll have a better view on what's draining the battery: app or system. I'll post my findings here no matter what the conclusion will be. Thanks for the quick reply and the fact that you are providing us with your work (ROM)! ;)
  8. FYI: this also works with GSF b22 (power notification atleast, already had a circle mod installed that was very similar to this one so not 100% sure that it's this one that's working, but I'm guessing it's working!).
  9. Very Green Settings works with b22, haven't tested the full ginger since not interested in it, but I'm guessing if the very green works that the full ginger will also work.
  10. I'm still unsure. I currently have a gen1 with the touchscreen problem in custom roms. I've read about 1 or 2 people that changed to gen2 and didn't have the TS problems anymore, but I'm still not convinced it'll work. So, if I upgrade and have TS problems I won't be able to restore my working stock-backup and so I'll be badword :)
  11. just a quick FYI (and as expected): people with a borked touchscreen with other custom ROMs will also have a borked touchscreen with CM7 stable :) (couldn't hurt to try)
  12. Same issue here, but it's a OBE_P729BV1.0.0B02 (from Belgium, Mobistar) info: LCD: IC: NT35580 Glass: Lead. TouchScreen: module: synaptics i2c: 0x22 IC type: 2000 series firmware: TM1541 module: synaptics + TPK
  13. Tried this with a belgian OBE_P729BV1.0.0B02 (from Belgium, Mobistar), didn't work. RLS4b also has a dead touchscreen. I've supplied some info about screen/TS below LCD: IC: NT35580 Glass: Lead. TouchScreen: module: synaptics i2c: 0x22 IC type: 2000 series firmware: TM1541 module: synaptics + TPK
  14. It's partly the fault of Mobistar in Belgium, since they advertise 'em all with AMOLED on the box. But no, they are all TFT.
  15. Just got one, it's the TFT version (grey Blade). But that was to be expected. On a first glance: It's the Orange San Francisco front (San Francisco instead of ZTE), normal Blade back (no orange logo on the back cover) Firmware version 2.1-update1, without Orange crap pre-installed, only thing that looks non-ZTE stock is the homepage, wich is the Mobistar site

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