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  1. Guys where can I find black Gapps Icons for Nova Launcher?
  2. Hi trip i want to give your rom a try. Do you release today v.007 or can i flash the latest?
  3. Hi trip is it possible to include Beats audio or is it only for sense? EDIT: So we loose beats and the cam app. Mhhh....
  4. Could you upload the weather fix. I have the feeling that your Rom has a greenish style.
  5. Delete the Sound from bootanimation in customize/recource/ htc boot mp3
  6. BT doesn´t work. And for the frozen lockscreen or sometimes messed up. I think I have taken the Rosie.apk from Beta3 and flashed it or maybe from Virtuous latest build.
  7. Same by me. I can not reply when I get a sms. Please fix this issue.
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