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  1. Yeah, any chance of reuploading..?
  2. b1k3rdude

    Quality Battery ?

    @twrock You have a PM.
  3. b1k3rdude

    Tmobile Pulse CD

    Another member kindly uploaded a full copy of the original Tmobile CD, I then did a multiupload so we have more than one copy of this rar data - http://www.multiupload.com/5KLJWLKKCJ original thread - http://android.modac...00#entry1848700 This was a download link to the original CD, which i was then able to use to get the Pulse working on the work PC - even the PC Suite app actually works! Got both my outlook contacts and calender syncing...!!! Got home this evening and the Vistax64 driver work flawlessly with Win7x64, synced my contacts and calender just fine..
  4. b1k3rdude

    Pulse 2.1 Windows Drivers - 7, Vista & XP

    Ok after some searching I foudn the following thread - http://android.modac...00#entry1848700 This was a download link to the original CD, which i was then able to use to get the Pulse working on the work PC - even the PC Suite app actually works! Got both my outlook contacts and calender syncing...!!! Got home this evening and the Vistax64 driver work flawlessly with Win7x64, synced my contacts and calender just fine.. So for the benfit of others I uploaded the CD zip to multiupload.com so we have multiple copies - - http://www.multiupload.com/5KLJWLKKCJ
  5. b1k3rdude

    Pulse - Windows 7

    I have uploaded the CD file to multiupload, so we have more than one copy of the very rare data. - http://www.multiupload.com/5KLJWLKKCJ
  6. b1k3rdude

    cant install recovery image

    So from the problems Im having with the Win7 & WinXp driver it would suggest these drivers are bolloxed. Found a fix - there was a link in this forum to the original CD - -- http://www.multiupload.com/5KLJWLKKCJ
  7. b1k3rdude

    Pulse 2.1 Windows Drivers - 7, Vista & XP

    Ok, I don't know whats going on here, but I brought the phone into work so I could try the driver on a WinXp pc (after having issue with my win7x64 pc at homer) and I have having a different error. When I try to manually install, and point the hardware update wizard I get the following error " The specified location does not contain information about your hardware " So either the driver is Fubar'd or the phone is (but I have no idea how it would if windows is detecting it)
  8. b1k3rdude

    Pulse 2.1 Windows Drivers - 7, Vista & XP

    Evening Does anyone one the correct order in which to install the WIn7x64 drivers as its arbitrary atm so I can't tell if I am installing/selecting the correct driver for each unknown device etc. ta
  9. b1k3rdude

    Quality Battery ?

    Afternoon I will be getting the 2450mAh, but I have related question. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery cover for the back of the phone. I picked up a cheap but clean and functional Pulse for £38 sans the cover. ta.
  10. Afer all the work I did above, I just this minute found with the right copy of the stock rom (OUK_P729BV1.0.0B10-update_signed), then do a flash it overrighty everything including the recovery partition! Now if I had been able to fin this info just my googling I would have bothered with all that fastboot crap! So on a stock gen1 blade I did the following - installed z4root.1.3.0.apk - (universalandroot1.6 seems to have a virus in it, that and Z4root has better options) installed recoverymanager.0.34b installed clockworkrmod installed a generic root uninstall app mucked about deleting loads of stuff on purpose etc.. rebooted into recovery mode (cwr) flashed the (OUK_P729BV1.0.0B10-update_signed) rom couple of reboots later, stock orange sf Smashing! So for new users its now even safer to tinker knowing you can revert to stock with ease! As the above info dosent seem to be posted all together in an easy-to-understand-for-new-users post, I will knock up a new post with links and some youtube vids. (if thats ok?)
  11. Sorry to open an old thread, but after spending several hours searching the web (and mostly finding links sending me back here) I am still non the wiser with regard to trying to understand and/or solve my problem. Before I consider installing clockworkmod and any custom mods I wasn't to learn & understand how to backup and restore the stock recovery that comes with the phone. All of the instructions I have found on this forum and google all seem to just miss the mark, 95% of the posts are all dated from last year, and/or the instructions are out of date. 1. The instruction of holding the 'volume' button 'up' (as in the plus symbol) has never and does not work, my ZTE Blade (gen1) b10 version rom, just continues to boot to desktop(and seeing this incorrect instruction time and time again is infuriating) - the only action with the volume button that appears to do anything is pressing down (as in the minus symbol) when powering the phone on and then the phone loads the FTM(Field Test Mode) screen, which at a guess is Im assuming the stock recovery that the phone ships with. 2. after yet more searching and trial and error, I found a version of the Zte USB (that ISNT infected with a virus) driver on this site that allows Win7x64 device manager to see the blade as a ZTE diagnostic interface(DFU) on com6. All I want to do is be able to flash the stock recovery back to the the handset the should I need or want to. And quite frankly, this is impossible atm with all the dis-information and/or expired-out-of-date floating around. 1. How exactly do I get the handset into fastboot mode, or is this not possible on some handsets because ZTE have done something that prevents the old instructions from working..? 2. Or can I flash a stock recovery image from the handset(once its been rooted? which is easy enough with UniversalAndroot), is there an app to do this? (I have had a look at recovery manager 0.36b and this appears to only hint at possibly being able to do this is IF I have a custom recovery installed - which is jumping the gun) thanks [update] After reading some of my old posts and then having a "oh yeah" moment I did the following to confirm i can put the stock recovery image back onto the handset - 1. download the following files - universalandroot1.6.apk recoverymanager0.36.apk OUK_P729BV1.0.0B10-update_signed.zip (the full stock rom image that includes the recovery image file) 2. then unpack, install & run - universal androot recoverymanager extract recovery image and copy to root of SD card. 3. test install of stock recovery - [*]ran recovery-manager, then recovery tab, then install recovery, then selected recovery.img that I had copied to the SD card. 4. tried steps 1-3 again to be sure and recovery-manager crashed, so had to re-run universalandroot again, then recovery-manager would run...
  12. Yeah just found this out 5 secs ago - so why do the majority of the posts out there say press up..? for a new person to (which I was 3 days ago) having the wrong instructions wasnt helpful - I suppose. On the stock ROM pressing up dosent nothing, but pressing down brought up a screen with the I think the letters 'FTW' or something begining with F - I assume that was the stock bootloader that the handset comes with from Orange..?
  13. Ok will try the sticky tape method, but my house may not want to co-operate - I maybe do it in the bathroom next (lower dust content..?) On the USE of a CC, how did you apply the middle layer (the actual SP)? did you remove the top protective layer, then partially peel back part of the bottom layer location the actual SP on the suraface of the phone, then slowly applying the SP to the surface of the phone use the CC while pulling back the lower protective layer..? (I ask all that as that's how I saw in the youtube video after my failed attempts but I wanted to know if said technique worked in the field.
  14. The wifi reception on this handset is crap accross the board, and at some point if it gets any worse I will want to get it replaced. But that said there is no guarantee that the replacement wont be just as bad. For example mines is crashing/rebooting - but untill I know more Im putting this down to having been mucking about with roms and missing a step.. I have been using CWM its listed on the authors website for the Blade. And I tried my own advise and it appeared to work, my only issue was it was extremely choppy performance wise(but so have each subsequent ROM as I try out each ROM flavours. When I tick the wipe option on the CWR rom install window/tab what kind of wipe is it doing? delvik & factory..? From what I read addictivetips.com Im not sure iut has been touching the Delvik cache. [update] I did a ROM install from the recovery mode (the command line, orange text screen), wiped the cache, factory reset, wiped the delvick and installed from the names FroyoBlade2.2 rom ro 'update.zip" and 1. i flashed much faster than doing from the android launcher and 2. the handset is much more responsive. So I guess the answer to my question is CWM3.0.1.4 dosent do a full wipe (cache/factory/delvik) when the user just clicks on the wipe button withing ROMmanager etc. Well now I know I am gonna do this proceedure for each of my ROm flavours (Stock2.1/MoDaco2.2/Cyanogen2.3) and then put my settings in and then do a backup from within recovery mode. And while I am on the subject, from day 1 I have never been able to get into recovery mode on either of the ZTE's I have had, via the "pressing volume up key while pressing and releasing the power button" am I missing something..?
  15. Well got the charger, about the same as MI. the charger/cradle is nothing special (no point in taking pic, the images on the ebay page show enough. It comes with a 4" USB to miniUSB cable and the cradle for the battery. The jelly case is very good and is quite robust (I threw the phone across the kitchen after getting annoyed when trying to fit the screen protector (SP)). Now on the subject of the SP, the instructions were non existent so when on to youtube and found a vid for this make of SP. So I meticulously cleaned of all the dust (but that bloody dust just kept coming back....) but even after following the video method I wasn't able to get a satisfactory application. All I got was yet more bloody dust sticking the underside of the SP... So charger/battery/case 10 out of 10, but screen protectors 'no points'. But the guy is sending me another SP for me to try again as it might have been a combination of me being a total cock and or a bad batch of SP's. So I have to ask has anyone got a magic method for applying/installing a SP to a phone..?

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